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There are a lot of different kinds of religions and races in the world. Sometimes one race thinks that they are better than the other. They start to hate the people who are different from them. In Germany, prejudice started when Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews. Hitler created the concentration camps. The purpose of the concentration camps was to get rid of all the Jewish people to make Germany a perfect country. “When the Nazi regime came to power in Germany in January 1933, it immediately began to take systematic measures against the Jews. In Nazi doctrine, such emphasis on descent was regarded as an affirmation of “race,” but the principal purpose of these categorizations was the clear delimitation of a target for discriminatory laws and directives” Hilberg n.p.).

Hitler took over many businesses and he rose into power. He built a party to overthrow the government. Many Germans supported him. He attracted a lot of voters by promising them better jobs. During the following years, the party just kept growing. Hitler became the chancellor, and he was a very big tool to taking over many big businesses. When he first got the power, he assigned himself as the dictator of Germany The products of human culture, the achievement in art, science and technology with which we are confronted today, are almost exclusively that creative product of the Aryan. That very fact enables us to draw the not unfounded conclusion that he alone was the founder of higher humanity and was thus the very essence of what we mean by the term man Adolf Hitler (Henry 22).

Hitler had a secret program to produce The Master Race”. By killing all Jews, Hitler could fulfill his dreams of turning the German population into a master race. He wanted to change the German people into a race of pure blood. “Aryans, were not only physically superior to other races, but were the carriers of a superior morality and culture” (Hilberg n.p.). People with blonde hair and blue eyes were categorized as a so-called pure blood. The men had to be tall and the women had to have wide hips for giving birth to a child. The women had to give a child to the F hrer. After that, the women’s role had changed completely. She only had to be a wife and a mother. She had to stay at home, prepare food for the family, and do all the things at home. The Nazis thought of sex as a helpful thing because it would make more babies for the F hrer. Also, Hitler would provide men for women who couldn t find a partner. There were a lot of divorces during 1938. The causes were either the women were sterile or she refused to have a baby. Himmler, Hitler’s second in command, provided an example of a man is disrespect for a woman. He left his wife so that he could live with his mistress who gave him two daughters. Even the unmarried women were encouraged to have a baby. Hitler wanted the women to give him a child so that Germany would have all the pure blood. There were a lot of students who were mad about this. They wrote a slogan “Down with Hitler” (Henry 44).

The Nazis started to separate Jews from non-Jews. The Nazis didn’t like any Jew. They were considered the low race. The German people thought that they were superior to them. Hitler started giving them curfews. He put all the Jews into ghettos where they lived together in a small section of city. Walls surrounded ghettos, and they were locked up at night. The rights of the Jewish people were also taken. The Nazis took away the rights of the Jews to buy anything from the Aryan’s store. They were arrested if they did. The property of the Jews was taken away from them. The Jewish enterprises were handed over to new German owners. They started arresting Jews. “In November 1938, following the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris by a young Jew, all synagogues in Germany were set on fire, windows of Jewish shops were smashed, and thousands of Jews were arrested” (Hilberg n.p.). The sign to the Jews in Austria and Germany to leave was the “Night of Broken Glass” (Hilberg n.p.). The plan of the Nazi government was for the Jews to leave the country and live in some other place. The Nazis blamed all the Jews for all the bad things that were happening in Germany. The non-valuable children will be put in special camps. The children of good race, who obviously could become the most dangerous avengers of their parents if they are not humanely and correctly brought up, should be admitted to a Lebensborn children’s home for a probationary period, where as much as possible about their character should be discovered, and then be sent to German Families as foster-children or adopted children (Henry 191).

Hitler depended on the Gestapo. They were the secret police. The Gestapo started to kidnap children with fair head. All Polish children were taken away from their parents so that they could be Germanized. The children were examined for Aryan’s traits. All the children who passed the test would go to the Lebensborn camps, and those who didn’t would just disappeared. The examiner decided whether the children who didn’t pass would be sent back to the parents or if they would be put to death. The children must be educated. They must be taught obedience, industry, total subordination and loyalty to their German masters. They should be able to count up to a hundred, recognize badges of rank, and be trained for jobs such as farm-worker, kitchen hand, locksmith, and stonecutter. The girls should learn land work, weaving, spinning, dressmaking, etc (Henry 178).

The children who were kidnapped were given new German names, and they were taught to speak the German language. They were trained to be a German. A lot of children in Eastern Europe were taken to Germany. The parents would never see their children again. The Nazi used some kind of method to make the parents forget about their child. They were told that their child died, but the cause of the death were not known “Genocide was only the most radical method of excluding groups of human beings from the German national community” (Friedlander 1). The Nazis believed that the term Jew referred to race instead of religion. The Nazi Germans committed the crime of Genocide because they wanted to kill all the Jewish people in Europe. “Genocide, in international law, the crime of destroying, or committing conspiracy to destroy, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group” (Hilberg n.p.). The final solution was to kill all the Jewish people. The concentration camps were built. The six major killing centers were “Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, Flossenb rg, Mauthausen, and, Ravensbr ck, for women.” These camps held approximately 25,000 prisoners. The number of concentration camps increased during the World War II (Friedlander n.p.).

Josef Mengele was one of the German doctors who helped kill the Jews in the concentration camps. He was the chief medical officer at Auschwitz. He did most of the experiments on twins. He wanted to find a way to multiply the population of German. He did an experiment where he put two children together so that he could create Siamese twins. He also killed a lot of people by fatal injections. He injected the needle directly into their hearts. He put the Jews in the gas chamber, and he decided who would live and who would die. For all the terrible things that he did, he was called the Angel of Death.

The victims of the Holocaust suffered a lot of pain. One of the survivors eye witnessed the Nazi Germans having a “medical experiments” in Auschwitz. The witness described that the Nazis would take all the Jewish people and put them in concentration camps. All the Jews were put in the large square, and the Germans pretended to stamp all their papers. She said that the Nazis told them to wait off to the side. “This is how they were condemned to death. They were hauled off quickly to the trains, the Germans shot many of them without provocation” (Trunk 187). There were a lot of dead bodies on the streets. Another survivor experienced what it was like to be inside the gas chamber. She said that there were small cells inside which was just right for about 50 women, but they pushed about 300 women inside (Trunk 162). They told the women to take off their clothes. They were all crowded inside. She saw big pipes sticking out from the ceilings. One of the Gestapo told them that those were gas pipes. The women who were inside stayed there for about two hours then, a Polish guard came in and said that they have to work in different camps (Trunk 162).

By the end of the war, the Nazis killed almost six million Jewish. The people who were involved wouldn’t admit that they were guilty. The Germans were so blind that they just ignored all the evils that they saw happening right in front of their eyes. They were too ignorant to distinguish between right and wrong. What happened during the Holocaust was so terrible, and it left a lesson for all of us. One might be afraid of the things that are happening in the world today, because there’s a possibility that the Holocaust could happen again.


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Trunk, Isaiah. Jewish Response to Nazi Persecution. New York: Stein and Day, 1979.

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