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Is Macbeth Totally Savage? Essay, Research Paper

Is Macbeth totally savage? A question many have asked for years. I believe that Macbeth was not totally savage. Even though he did very cruel things and killed many people; all was not done just for the sake of doing so. He started with much greed like many others in the world but then only acted on these “fantasies” when his wife, Lady Macbeth, pushed him to do so. She wanted all the power in the world and the one way of her getting this was to act on the premonitions that the witches had foreseen. The other reason Macbeth was not totally savage was because when he killed the grooms and Duncan they were sleeping. If he were one hundred percent savage, he would not have waited until they slept; Macbeth would have slain them as soon as he figured out what to do to gain all the power in the world that he could.

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