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Mtv Effects Essay, Research Paper

The Pop Culture Assault

Music TV channels, broadcasting variety of programs ranging from ordinary music videos through charts, various shows to cartoons are the symptom of our times. No matter if it’s MTV or VIVA, they sell very similar stuff, often cheap and shallow.

The pop culture and consumption grasped the most powerful device that is television. It is used as a tool for spreading out information, ideas and appeals. Oftentimes they are silly and ridiculous, nevertheless they have enormous influence on people who watch it. Image has become the most widespread form of expressing ideas and for communication. It has been seeded in many people’s minds. Colorful and quickly changing pictures surely affect human personality; it influences the way we behave, dress and exist.

Young people tend do be and look like their VJ’s from the TV screen. They wear in certain way, they cut their hair, pierce or tatoo their bodies, just because of their TV idols doing that. TV hosts become the role models to follow, they are gurus and authorities on almost every field of human life from fashion to ethics and morality. They sell some patterns of behavior that other people can consider weird or outrageous. Their ideas can be good and honorable as well as freak and dumb.

TV creates an ideal of a ‘perfect’ woman and man with all the paraphernalia and pressure connected with it. Many young women (as they appear to be more susceptible to that tension) put themselves on diet, wear strange clothes etc. just to fit in the ‘official’ picture. People buy ‘proper’ brands of outfit, cosmetics and even food, they become the slaves of fashion, fashion that often is nothing but garbage glittering and shining on the surface but empty and dull inside.

Tracks from the top of the charts, however stupid or unmusical-like they are, can be safe to be sold in millions of copies all over the world. Here comes another phenomena, music that used to be of an artistic and cultural value, tends to be no longer so. It grows to be a bunch of indistinguishable sounds and samples measured in bps.

All this can be dangerous. A group of people seem to have absolute control and power over other people’s mind. They can reign their souls, making them behave in certain way. People are deprived of their freedom, they stop thinking and tend to behave like robots, being the cogs in the giant machine of showbiz, that MTV is a part of.

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