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Volleyball Essay, Research Paper


Volleyball is an interesting sport. There are nine people on the court that make three lines. The person in the back row, farthest to the left, serves the ball. It is usually served overhand by hitting it with the heel of your hand over the net to the opposite team If you serve the ball and the opposing team can not return it, you get a point. If they do return it you play until someone misses. Each team gets three hits per side. If the team serving misses the ball after the opposing team hits it back over, the opposing team gets the ball but they do not get the point. You have to serve and win the volley to get the point. The matches are played and won by whoever wind two out of three games. They are usually played up to 15 or 21 points. You have to win by at least two points or else you go until you are ahead by two points. You can play the ball if it hits the net but can never catch the ball or use your feet. The object of the game is to never let the ball hit the ground and get it over the net. The game seems easy but it really is not!

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