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The Odessy Essay, Research Paper

Odysseus is trapped on Kalypso s island being punished for not thanking the gods for his victory. Odysseus has been away from home for about twenty years now. Zeus called a meeting for the gods to decide that Odysseus is now allowed to return to Ithaca. Athena, the gray-eyes goddess, disguised herself as Mentes and told Telemakhos, Odysseus s son not to give up hope because his father was still alive. Mentes also told Telemakhos to call an assembly meeting and then travel to Pylos and Sparta. Penelope, Odysseus s wife has many suitors at their house, killing their cattle and eating them for their feasts and overstaying their welcome. Telemakhos warns the suitors.

Eurymakhos, there s no hope for my father, I would not trust a message, if one came, nor any forecaster my mother invites to tell by divination of time to come. My guest, however, was a family friend, Mentes, son of Ankhialos. Pg14 ln 465-470 spoken by Telemakhos

I believe this quote means that Telemakhos thought his father was never coming back, he wouldn t believe anyone that his mother invited, but he now has doubts about his present view because one of his trusted and respected friends told him that his father was still alive and he believes him. I picked this quote because it shows Telemakhos having doubt about his own beliefs, and that does not happen often.

I had no questions about this book.


Telemakhos got ready and headed out to make his speech at the assembly that he called. Telemakhos warns the suitors again that they will be punished. Telemakhos also told about his plan to search for Odysseus. Athena disguised, helps Telemakhos to put together a search party. Everybody showed respect to Telemakhos because he was the son of Odysseus. Penelope was sick and tires of these suitors as well, she told them that she would marry one of them when she was done weaving a shroud for her father-in-law. Penelope would unweave some of the shroud every night so that it would never get done. One of the maids found out and told the suitors, this made them angry, but they still stayed, drinking their wine, and eating their cattle. Zeus sent a sign of eagles to the suitors but they were ignorant and didn t think anything else would happen. Telemakhos and Athena sail all night to reach Pylos.

Dismiss your mother from the house, or make her marry the man her father names or she prefers pg22 ln121

I chose this quote because it is clear and well spoken and shows how rude the suitors are. I believe this quote means the suitors are saying to either dismiss your mother from the house or let her marry whom she wants.

I had no questions about this book


The people of nestor were very respectful to the gods. Telemakhos goes and talks to the king, which was a friend of Odysseus, he fought with him in the battle of Troy. Peisistratos was Nestor s son and make Telemakhos and Athena. Netsor stated that if Athena loved Telemakhos as much as she loved Odysseus then he would be successful in his mission with the help of Athena. Netsor then told of what happened to the other Greeks that fought in the battle of Troy. Netsor suggested that Telemakhos should visit Menelaos, and gave Telemakhos a chariot, horses, and the company of his son, Peisistratos. After the feast the next day, Telemakhos and Peisistratos drove off in Nestors chariot.

Reason and heart will give you words pg36 ln31

The reason I picked this quote is because it is powerful, and truthful. I believe that this quote means that if you have reason and heart into what you are talking about you wont need a written speech, you will have your own words.

I had no questions about this chapter


Telemakhos arrives in Sparta and walks into a double wedding for Menelaos daughter and son, with a banquet. They were immediately invited in. Meneloas palace was amazing. Telemakhos was stunned by all the gold, brass and silver. Meneloas talks about his time at Troy and tells how much he misses his good friend Odysseus. After hearing Menelaos words, Telemakhos begins to cry. Helen points out that he is crying and how he looks like Odysseus. Menelaos was very happy to see a son of Odysseus, but then recalled that Odysseus was no more and everyone began to weep. Peisistratos tells the group not to be sad and is complimented by Menelaos. The group then eats and Helen drugs the wine with a drug that induces forgetfulness, and gets rid of sadness. They then told stories about adventures they had with Odysseus and things Odysseus did. Telemakhos then asked Menelaos if he knew of any information of his father, he said he was trapped on Kalypso s island, then invited him to stay and offered him valuable gifts. Back home, the suitors plan to kill Telemakhos when he arrives.

My lord marshal Menelaos, son of Atreus, I came to hear what news you had of father. My house, my good estates are being ruined. Pg62 ln342 by Telemakhos

I picked this quote because it is a hard subject for Telemakhos to talk about and it s a cry for help. I believe this quote is just Telemakhos asking Meneloas if he knows anything about where his father is

-I had no questions about this book.


Hermes finds Odysseus on Kalypso s beach crying for his home. Hermes tells Kalypso that Odysseus is to be freed. Kalypso wanted Odysseus to stay but Odysseus explained that he had to go and made her promise that she would not do anything to keep him there and she did, but was angry that he made her promise. Odysseus is free to go, so he builds a raft out of the trees that are on the island. Odysseus then sets off to sail. While Odysseus was sailing towards home, Poseidon was coming home from the banquet and recognized Odysseus. Odysseus took the eye of Poseidon s son. Poseidon then made all winds of the east, north, west, and south come together to kill Odysseus. The storm was rough on the little raft but then Athena appeared and gave Odysseus a life jacket and told him to jump off the raft, he did and swam to the shore of Phaiakia.

Look at him now, just offshore of that island, that frees him from the bondage of his exile! Still I can give him a rough ride in, and will pg89 ln298

I picked this quote because it shows the different opinions of the gods, some want him to be free, and some want him to suffer. I believe this quote means that Odysseus is leaving, done with his punishment, but the god of earthquake will still give him a hard time.

I had no questions about this book


Nausikaa, a Phiaikian princess had a dream about one of her girlfriends, but it was actually Athena, and it told her to bring clothes and she will meet an important person on the shore. Odysseus woke up and he was on the shore of Phiaikia naked but covered with sea brine, and is awakened by a ball thrown into the river by Nausikaa and her friends, Odysseus comes out from behind the bushes and all Nausikaa s friends run away but she stays there and he does not know whether to hug her knees and beg, or try to sweet talk her. He sweet-talks her, and she gives him soap and he bathes and she gives cloths. Nausikaa then takes him to her palace to meet her parents, but makes him walk behind the chariot so they wont be seen together. Odysseus then prays to Athena and she hears his prayer.

No mules would I deny you, child, nor anything. Go along, now; the grooms will bring your gig with pretty wheels and the cargo box upon it

Pg101 ln75

I picked this quote because it showed that being spoiled was around always, even so long ago. I believe this quote means that this father will give his child anything she wants.

I had no questions about this book


Nausikaa returned home, her brothers greet her and stable the mules, when she gets in the house she runs to her room. Her nurse, Eurymedusa, then helped her. Odysseus then entered the town and was roaming when he spotted Athena disguised as a little girl. He then asked the girl if she would give him directions and she led him to a mansion and left him there. Odysseus then planned to travel to Athens. The mansion is perfect, full orchard, and beautiful. The king and queen invited him in, of course, and fed Odysseus. While Odysseus was eating the food quickly, he apologized and said he was starving. When everybody went to sleep except for the king, queen and Odysseus, Odysseus told them of the good Nausikaa had done, but the king disagreed, he said that she should not of brought a naked stranger home.

A fresh bowl, Pontonoos, we make liberation to the lord of lightning who seconds honorable petitioners

Pg116 ln194

I picked this quote because it is a powerful quote and it represents what and how people used to pray. I believe this quote means that the people say a prayer to Zeus and give him the recognition of supporting petitioners with honor.

When did Odysseus and Nausikaa split up?


Athena was disguised as the town crier and drew a crowd of people. She then announced that there was a stranger in town. Alkinoos then asked for volunteers to crew the stranger home. The king then threw a feast at the palace for him. At the feast a blind poet sang a song about troy making Odysseus cry. Odysseus is asked to compete in the games that they are playing but he refused saying he is too preoccupied. Seareach then said that Odysseus wouldn t compete because he was a bum with no athletic skill. Odysseus then picked up the discus and threw further that anybody had ever before and said that he would beat anyone in anything except for running because his legs were flabby. They give Odysseus a cloak, tunic and a bar of gold. He then requests the story of the Trojan horse and the story makes him cry. At the end of the dinner Alkinoos asks Odysseus strait up whom he is.

Now pain has cramped me, and my years of combat hacking through ranks in war, and the bitter sea. Aye. Even so ill give your games a trial. You spoke heart-wounding words. You shall be answered.

Pg130 ln191

I picked this quote because it shows Odysseus will not take insults even though he is in a weak state. I believe that this quote means that they have insulted him and they will get their words thrown right back in their faces.

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