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Pink and Say

This story is about a man named Pinkus that was in a war and sees another man named Say that was injured in the war that could not walk or stand up. So he took Say home to his grandmother in Ohio, even though it was illegal to leave the war or the marauders could catch them and be put in to jail. So Pinkus carried Say to his home. After a few hours the grandmother said to say you are my baby and you will never go back into the war. Say said that he was scared to go back into that war because he was scared to die. The grandmother said that there are things that are a lot worse than dying, because some day you will be an old man and you will be carried by the birds up to heaven she also said that you are not scared of birds are you?

A few days later Pinkus and Say went to the library, so Pinkus could teach Say to read even though it is illegal to teach someone to read. Say could walk a little better.

When they got home Pinkus said to Say that many years ago I was at Washington D.C. at a rally and in front of many protesters President Aberham Lincon shacked my hand so then Say shacked Pinkus hand then Say said that now you can say that I’m the one who shacked the man who shacked Abraham Lincon’s hand.

One day when Pinkus and Say where hiding from the Marauders down in a whole. Pinkus had come up and guess who was there the Marauders and they asked Pinkus where he was from and he knew if he told them his northern accent would make them think that he sneaked out of the war, but he talked any way so they knew he sneaked out so they took him and Pinkus but they tried to shake hands again while each Marauder pulled each of them a different way to the jail but they shock hands again for good time sake and then they pulled them away.

Pinkus and Say where in the jail for a few years then they did not have any space left in the jail so they where released and Pinkus died of hunger weighing less than 70 pounds, but Say lived.

In the late 1920’s Say said to his grand daughter this story and after that he shacked his grand daughter’s hand and said you can say I shacked the hand of the man who shacked the hand of President Abraham Lincon.

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