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Historical Buildings In Chatanooga Essay, Research Paper

The Hunter art museum was built in 1904. Its original purpose was to be a home for the wealthy insurance broker Ross Faxon. Its site was chosen to overlook the Tennesee river. It was sold a to the widow of Benjamin F. Thomas and then to George Thomas Hunter who later left the house to be used for the public after his death. It was then opened as a art museum in 1952. It was completely restored in 1996. Its architectural design is that of the early 1900?s. It was built in the classic revival style and had many ornamental designs such as the egg and dart and acanthus leaf and flower motifs popular with designers of the time. It symbolized wealth and an elaborate lifestyle.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo as constructed in the early 1900?s. It was the heart of Chattanooga?s railway system. Its architecture is a unique form of the Victorian style. It was fashioned after a New York bank. It was designed by Don Barber. The dome is made of steel and is braced by red brick and it has colored emblems on the dome. It was closed in 1970 and reopened as a hotel in 1973. It symbolizes luxury and comfort and has grand style.

The Thomson House was built in 1908 for former mayor Thomson. It was restored to be a bed and breakfast for use in the Bluff View Art District. It was built in Victorian/southern style. It was built for luxury and comfort. It has an Audubon room with a large picture window. It also has a large dinning room and music room. It constructed on a site chosen to over look the Tennessee river. It symbolizes hospitality by its large open porch.

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