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Juvenile Justice Essay, Research Paper

There are many theories of why juveniles become delinquent. Some theories that relate to Gloria are the Biosocial, Choice, Psychological, Social Structure Theories. The first theory that can apply to Gloria is neurological a Biosocial theory. This states that juveniles become delinquent due to learning disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Gloria never had much success in school. Her IQ was marginal which is about 70. A second theory that could apply to Gloria s situation is one of the Choice theories of Routine Activities. This theory states that juveniles become delinquent because of available targets and the lack of suitable guardians. Gloria did not have a sufficient role model her mother, Emma, had never kept steady employment. She lacked real job skills. Gloria s mother prior going to rehab had a drug problem. She was addicted to crack. Emma supported her habit by shoplifting and used her children as a shield for a means to steal items from a store while she wandered. Also all her siblings either are in foster care or live with relatives.

Gloria fits into 2 Psychological theories. The first one is Psychodynamic. This theory states the development of early childhood influences the rest of a persons life. Gloria did not have an easy childhood her mother was a crack addict and she suffers from post traumatic stress. The second is Behavior. This theory states People commit crime when they imitate that of others and see that they are rewarded for a certain behavior. Gloria was a gang member she had been arrested four times for violent acts and robbery.

The fourth theory is that of Social Structure. Gloria lived in a neighborhood with numerous burned out buildings, drug houses and homeless people. This theory s view of why delinquency is present is because of socioeconomic conditions. Gloria was a member of a gang bad as hell . She explained her behavior with pride replying We kick ass. Thats what we do.

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