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Teacher Essay, Research Paper

Ever since I was five years old, I was always playing teacher (not house like most kids my age). I made my

sisters act as the students while I played the teacher. I wrote on the chalkboard, gave them worksheets,

graded papers; I loved it! That was just the beginning though. When I got older, I helped out in my first

grade teacher?s class by grading papers and helping her set up the classroom each year. I then volunteered

at various elementary schools and eventually got involved with Summerbridge. Each year I became more

and more excited to pursue my career as a teacher, and now I anxiously await the day I will be teaching my

very own elementary class. There is still much work to be done before my dream will become a reality;

however, when it does, I would love to return to Colorado and teach a diverse group of students, so

everyone can learn from each other by bringing different values and ideas together. It is also important for

me to be flexible and teach a variety of classes rather than stick with one grade level my entire teaching

career. In addition, I would like to pursue a Masters in education by the end of my fifth year and get

involved in various leadership positions, such as heading a certain department or organization related to the

school. Overall, I want to be very involved with the school, especially by creating strong relationships with

my students as well as their parents.

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