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Food Of Mexico Essay, Research Paper

The Wonderful Food of Mexico!

Food is probably the most important element of Mexican culture. Much of the daily routine and tradition in Mexico revolves around the ritual of preparing and eating food. In history, women made their way to the local markets to fill their basket with vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish. Once collecting them the women would return home to begin grinding the corn and flour to make fresh tortillas for the afternoon meal.

Mexican food is rich in color and flavor. The richness of their cuisine comes from their concern for the sensory experience of eating. It is often said that ?cuisine is culture?, and to understand the development of Mexican cuisine it is important to know about the history of Mexico. In the pre-Colombian time corn was greatly used to make tortillas, tamales, or also made into flour. The diet of corn was placed with meats, vegetables, and many flavorful spices. However the country?s cuisine changed dramatically with influences brought by the Spanish. They brought rice, olives, wines, spices from India, and beef along with many others. The traditional food was combined with the spanish influence. This was the result of the blending of the two different heritages.

In the 19th century, Mexican women played a important role in the home. To be a good woman in Mexico is to have extensive knowledge and great skills in the culinary arts. A testament to them, has been a demand for their wonderful dishes around the world.

Mexicans are very proud of their cuisine. It gives them a sense of unity and identity everywhere in the world.

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