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Saline-Filled Breast Implants, The Solution Essay, Research Paper

Saline-Filled Breast Implants, the Solution

For woman who had breast cancer surgery, Breast implants help them feel whole again (Bruning 24). Women that had breast cancer were the first ones to have a breast reconstruction. Later on, breast augmentation was used as a cosmetic purpose; to look prettier . But there is a controversy: Recently, many women were shocked to learn that breast implants had not been thoroughly tested for safety and were never actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (5). Many court cases and researches have occurred during the last decade to clear the controversy involving weather breast implants are safe, and which are better to use.

The majority of women s breast implants are made out of silicone. Silicone is a synthetic plastic, or polymer, that was first developed in the 1930s. It contains silicon, a natural material, combined with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that have been polymerized, a process in which simple molecules are combined to form more complex molecules (5). There are three forms of silicone: a fluid, gel, and solid rubber like.

Another procedure for breast augmentation is called transplant surgery. It is the riskiest procedure, and it gives the poorest results. For example, we have the buttock transfer, which is a procedure when a block of tissue of the lower back is transferred into the breast. This is a awfully perilous procedure that requires a plastic surgeon skilled in both microsurgery and breast reconstruction (Guthrie 53). Results are always terrible says Doctor Randolph Guthrie, even when the operation is successful.

During the early 60s, breast implants became available, and its popularity was prominent, compared to prosthesis, an artificial breast form worn in the bra (Guthrie 28). After treatments of breast cancer, if Mastectomy had occurred, (removal of breast tissue) most women would consider having a breast reconstruction instead of wearing prosthesis. When only prosthesis were available, women no longer let their husbands see them naked, or they would wear their bra and prosthesis even when making love (28).

With the expansion of breast implants, some women started to get breast augmentation for physical enhancement due to their dislike of the size of their breast. Most of the women who seek breast enlargement or augmentation are truly small-breasted. They suffer embarrassment about their size, especially when dressed in summer wear and bathing suits, as well as during intimate situations (32). Even though we live in a society based on appearance, and that at this time, we mostly demand slim hips and large breasts, both patients and their plastic surgeons feel that self-esteem and self-confidence are at the core of women s desire for breast augmentation (Bruning 26), instead of being in search of the perfect Playboy centerfold body. A survey was made from the ASPRS asking women why they chose to have breast augmentation. The three most common reasons given were: The desire for a more proportionate build, a more appealing appearance, and a boost in self-confidence (Bruning 28).

The process of breast implants may sometime have the occurrence of side effects. Silicone Bleed is a term vaguely used in the cosmetic area. All silicone gel-filled implants leak, says Doctor Guthrie. Silicone was said to be inert, until many women with implants reported lots of pain and hardening of the breast and its surrounding. New studies show that silicone that seeps out of implants can migrate throughout the body and cause breast deformities, skin ulceration, burning sensation and pain, enlarged lymph nodes, palpable masses, respiratory distress, and immune disorders (Guthrie 70). Dow Corning inc. was one of the manufacturers of silicone implants and denied the accusations until further investigations were made. Most women claimed to suffer from Autoimmune Disorder with signs such as Joint pain and swelling; rash; swollen glands; unusual fatigue; general aching; greater chances of getting cold, viruses and flu; unusual hair loss; nausea or vomiting; (www.breast-implant-risks.com) etc There are much more risks related to silicone breast filled implants. Some Risks come from the surgical risks, such as complications, abnormal internal bleeding or even skin necrosis Death of skin tissue resulting from insufficient blood flow. Women who smoke may be at a higher risk for skin necrosis (http://www.breast-implant-risks.com/risks-beatimp-risks.htm). Risks that come from implants range from leaks or ruptures. Loss of sensation in the nipple or breast tissue, calcium deposits in surrounding tissue, causing pain and hardening, shifting of the implant from original placement, and possible delay of breast cancer detection due resemblance to calcium deposit (http://www.breast-implant-risks.com/risks-beatimp-risks.htm).

The manufacturers put implants on the market without any long term testing of their safety, and at first, they denied that the implants bled, but when faced with uncontroverted evidence that liquid silicone was escaping from the implant shell, they change their marketing strategy, asserting that low bleed was beneficial, without medical or scientific evidence to support such a claim (Hugo 6).

It is clear that manufacturers were concern about making millions of dollars, instead of the health of those shocked women. When sick women started to report their problems, million dollars court cases were emerging against manufacturers. Lawsuits have forced Dow Corning into bankruptcy over the use and possible risks coming from silicone breast implants. (http://www.breat-implant-risks.com) Loosing most of the court cases, Dow Corning proposed that all defendants contribute to a global fund of over $4 billion to compensate women with implants; the committee of plaintiffs lawyers agreed and Dow went into bankruptcy. (Bruning 169) During the late nineties, the FDA finally banned silicone breast implants from the United States after it had been proved to be unsafe. Since the ban, American women have gone to other countries, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, France, and Germany, to get implants (Fumento 2). Almost every class of people are able to purchase breast implants since the price is not exorbitant at an average of $2,400 (Scheer 10). That is why, nowadays, it is not unusual to see a woman with breast implants.

Considering the harm that silicone might cause, women wishing to get breast implants need to learn more about saline filled implants. Less than one percent of saline-filled implants leak, as opposed to silicone gel-filled implants that all bleed silicone continuously. And when they do leak, it s only harmless saline sterile saltwater in the same concentration s found naturally in blood which the body simply absorbs. (Guthrie 88) In addition, a smaller incision is needed to insert the saline-filled implants than with the silicone implants as implants are surgically inserted while empty and is filled after it is put in place. Saline-filled implants feel and look better than any other form of implants affirms Dr. Guthrie after comparing both categories.

The first three weeks after enlargement, the breast requires no special care (Guthrie 106). Movements that would make women s breast bounce such as jogging and intense exercising should be avoided. But other than that, women can do normal things right away, such as driving a car, push a cart in a market, reach up into shelves, go for long walks, and go back to work. And after three weeks they can do absolutely anything (106). A big advantage of breast implants is that there is no need to wear any support at all during the first few months because the reconstructed side is initially flattened and firm (107).

After years of research and court cases, Dow Corning, the silicone gel-filled implants manufacturer went bankrupt and the FDA Banned silicone implants in the United States. Women started to get their silicones in foreign countries. After extensive researches, Saline-filled implants are proved to be much safer and healthier looking than any other implants. Breast implants make women that had a mastectomy feel whole again and boost up their self-esteem, whereas women that had a breast augmentation said that they had a more appealing appearance (Bruning 28). Saline-filled breast implants are recommended by most experienced plastic surgeons of our new millennium.

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