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Numbers And Artificial Intelligence Essay, Research Paper

All of us when introduced to the real world learn to count things or ideas. It’s number, which gives us happiness, sorrow, jealousy or pain. Our love and hatred depend on some numbers and our expression and reaction related to all abstract or real ideas surely depend on some numbers, which are natural numbers. Have we ever thought of applying non-natural numbers in real life? However funny it sounds, it may be possible (at least in this writing) to apply real numbers to the field or reality. It may be attached to the count of things and ideas or expression of our feelings. A particular abject, say a chair if counted as one chair may be mentioned as a one-third chair when your child breaks it in part. In the field of mathematics we use so many types of numbers while in real life we are only confined to the natural numbers.

Happiness of an individual comes from number, and this number may be the amount of his bank-deposit or it can be the number of people he could make him understandable to. Again we can define or express minimum happiness by a number, which is probably 1. Double of that happiness is surely 2 and triple of that is 3. In this way sorrow can be represented as -1 and a depressing condition can be depicted as – 5. So a symbolic number can represent the condition where sorrow and happiness both are there. So positive and negative numbers or mixed numbers or special type of numbers can be a useful symbol to make the machine understand and react a person’s mood, demand or action. A machine, if it can understand a person and his or her way of thinking, it surely can understand the difference between an emotional person and a person with no emotion. It also can detect an individual with anger or sorrow or particular attitude to his own or to others. At least it will be easy to record the bio-data of a person. There are psychologists to measure the person but hardly that are understandable by the machine as well as the computer. As a human can understand an individual, a machine, for example a computer can’t.

So it’s really hard for a machine to take any step without the help of a human brain. Also the machine can have particular mood or ability to use that mood if it can interpret the number to real mood by some electronic signal and can perform some particular actions according to that mood. So the mood-representing number, if it can be recorded, can create those activities related to the mood. At least it will find it easier to aggravate, persist or analyze the particular action connected to the mood related to it. So a creative person, like a poet or a scientist can be translated to machine and the machine can behave or act like that particular person. It can even be thought that some combination of numbers or symbols as well as signals can be assembled to create the core of the activity of a person with abilities of various talented persons. So the machine will be enough to work in a condition which is surely considered adverse according to the creative persons. So the basic of creativity will be interpreted, aggravated and used to a large extend by the humanity.

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