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What is Satanism and what do these satanic people do? There are many things people do not know about this organized and evil religion. Satanism is the worship of the devil or to make a pack with him. Satanism was developed from the belief that there are two supreme beings on good and one evil. It involves black magic, sorcery, the invocation of demon, and the forces of darkness. Satanism is absolute evil in the complete antithesis of God. The people in these cults engage in physical and sexual abuse of people and children, mutilation of animals, and human sacrifice. They break into churches, steal holy water and holy wafers, defecate on altars, and destroy church property.

If Satanism is so evil why would people become involved in this sort of thing? Most of the people get involved in this because they have no place to go or and they give you food, clothing , shelter, and a sense of family. They really seem like nice people (at first). They would give them a place to say if they participate in rituals and to a homeless person this seems like a pretty good deal until they find out what the rituals are really like. Some pregnant teenage women which have nowhere else to turn and these cults take them in as breeders which are people who have as many babies as possible for ritual sacrifices. Other people are tricked into joining these cults, most of the time the members would use some kind of black mail like getting someone drunk or drugged up and taking pictures or video tape of them doing something that they wouldn?t want other people to see like joining in a sacrifice or in some kind of sexual position. Thus forcing them to participate in a ritual and once they do that it is to late they are in just as far as the rest of the cult members. Another reason people might become involved in Satanism would be that they are curious and wondering what it is all about these people are called dabblers. Dabblers are people who dabble in Satanism or cultism they play at it and sometimes there play is very serious like mutilating pets (Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, Etc?), sometimes they would even go as far as to hurt or kill another person. Often dabblers are people who do not have strong beliefs in Satanism and they were not tricked in any way to join the cults they just do it because they think it is cool or a new fad. Dabblers are people who are usually teenagers that are intelligent, creative, curious, and suffer from low self esteem. Some warning signs that mat lead a person to believe that a friend or family is involved in Satanism would be:

1. Bitter hatred toward family and family religion.

2. Drastic drop in grades (Like from 90?s to 70?s).

3. Cuts or burn marks on the body.

4. Little or middle finger on the left hand painted black (fingers on the right hand that is painted means good).

5. Involvement with alcohol or illegal drugs.

6. Use of satanic names or nick names.

When you notice things like this you should be concerned and find out if this person is actually in a satanic cult.

These people commit a lot of evil deeds in the name of Satan like sexual and physical abuse of people but most brutal of all they do this to little children and babies, human sacrifices, animal mutilation, cannibalism, Etc? These people would do such things as take an animal kill it, muilate it, and even eat it alive there were a few incidences where they cuts off dogs and cats heads and hung them over people?s door steps. But these people don?t stop at killing mere animals they also have human sacrifices! They would take humans and mutilate there body, they would eat there organs which they thought would give them special powers, they would rape them, and torture them beyond belief. There was an incedent where a teenage girl was offered by her own parents as a sacrificial gift. The teen was lead to a hill side, stripped naked, and tied spread-eagled to a tree. A few yards away there was a ram tied back with a rope. A person in a white rope stepped forward and realesed the ram and sent it running toward the girl with a crack of the whip. She was still dead on the tree and all the male members of the cult took her in a ritual sex sacrifice having sex with her dead body. This is one of hundreds of thousands of sacrificial murders held each year by cults. But this isn?t the extent of there evil they would sacrifice little children and babies because they are pure


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