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Sample Page Essay, Research Paper


1) How well do you know these facts? Write your answers. Practice those you do not know well?

6 485 358 409 549 8112 24

8 647 355 306 249 726 36

9 459 636 X 4 =8 X 6 =7 X 9 = 8 X 4 =

9 X 3 =7 X 4 =7 X 7 =6 X 7 =8 X 7 =8 X 8 =

2) Find each quotient. Then write your answers in the crossword puzzle below.


12 ) 8522 ) 3723 ) 9875 ) 7653 ) 1385 ) 95

3) Read and think. Show how you solved each problem. Self check your answers.

There were 48 children from classes 5-316 and 5-324 going on a trip to the Children?s Museum. They were going by mini-van. Each van can fit only 8 students. How many mini-vans did they need?

Mary worked in the school library. She earned a total of $168.00 for 3 days. She worked the same amount of hours each day. How much did she earn each day?

The teacher purchased tickets for the class to go to see Fantasia 2000 at the Sony Imax theatre. The total price she paid for the tickets was $256.00. Each ticket costs $8.00. How many tickets did she purchase?

The Pokeman card sets sell for $3.00 a pack. Mary saved up $22.00 from her allowance. How many packs can she buy?

4) Make up a division problem of your own. Write it on the back of this page. Be sure to edit it. Also show how to solve it.

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