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Internet Marketing and Associated Topics

Computers and the Internet are becoming faster and capable of new and exciting things every day. Through this evolution, businesses have begun to reach out to consumers in new, unprecedented ways. With the amazing growth of users of the Internet, and the enormous growth that is expected to continue, businesses are aware that there is tremendous potential to provide and promote products and services in previously inconceivable ways. Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, has reshaped considerably through the capabilities of the Internet. It is through these advances in e-commerce that businesses continue to build new methods of providing consumers and other businesses with products and services in more profitable ways.


Contrary to popular belief, e-Commerce did not begin with the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web. E-commerce to many people is simply business done through the Internet. However, e-commerce encompasses commerce that is done through any electronic media or electronic platform. E-commerce actually began unknowingly with the development of the 800 number by AT&T. (Komenar) With the development of the 800 number, consumers were provided a new way to purchase, and a revolutionized customer

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