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Problems Of The World Essay, Research Paper


In today s world there are many problems facing the welfare of humankind, which could affect our existence in the future. If these problems are not recognized, and the appropriate actions are not taken to slow down or put an end to them, then the consequences could be devastating. While the effects may not be evident on a daily basis, over time, the damage becomes much more clear. Three problems that are facing the well being of all humans are consumption of natural resources, over population, and the presence of nuclear weapons. The consumption of natural resources and overpopulation can be traced to the growth of the world population. As more people live on the Earth, more resources are consumed, therefore increasing pollution. The presence of nuclear weapons can be explained by the advancement of warfare and the need for a presence among the super powers of the world. The solution to the problems with natural resources and pollution lies in the individual. If each person does a small part to cut down on pollution or conserve natural resources, then the result would be tremendous. Each person must realize that by performing a small task, they can help the greater society.

As previously mentioned, as the number of people on Earth increases, more and more resources are needed in order for these people to survive. The demand for resources that are necessary for survival and convenience are consumed at an incredible rate. If alternate methods are not invented to substitute for the resources that are not in abundance, then many people in the world will not be able to survive or live with the luxuries that they currently live with. The first example that comes to my mind is the overwhelming dependence on oil and gasoline. There is an amazing reliance on gasoline and oil as fuel for cars, airplanes, and many other machines. This dependence becomes greater as more and more cars are produced and the demand for gasoline increases. A recent indication that the supply of gasoline may be suffering is the increase in gas prices. The consumers must continue to buy the gasoline because it has become an essential part of their everyday life. While there may be enough oil and gasoline in reserve to live comfortably at the moment, it is only a matter of time until these crucial resources are in short supply. Alternatives to gasoline powered cars have been invented, but have not been able to catch on with consumers. For example, electric powered cars have been unveiled, however they do not get the same mileage as gasoline powered cars and are more expensive. Until people are forced to drive cars that aren t powered by gasoline, there will still be a huge reliance on gasoline and oil powered cars.

Another natural resource that is greatly affected by the overwhelming use is trees, in particular the rain forest. I am not sure the exact statistic, but everyday there is a shocking amount of rainforest chopped down to provide the people of the world with lumber and other supplies. When the rainforest is destroyed like this, not only are the trees destroyed, so is all the wildlife that lives in it. Again, there may be an abundance of rainforest to provide the people of the earth with the supplies they need at the present time, however, if the rainforest keeps being destroyed at the astonishing rate that it is now, then it will not be long until this natural resource is completely diminished.

Another issue facing the people of the world that I find concerning is the problem with pollution. The pollution problem is greater in some parts of the world than in others. For instance, Americans are extremely more wasteful than Europeans. We must learn to only use the resources that we need instead of using more than what is needed and then throwing the extra away. If you were to look at the amount of trash that is produced annually by each household in the United States you would be stunned. The solution to this is for people to use only what they need and begin recycling. People have been recycling for quite a while which shows that there is an effort to cut down on pollution and help to preserve the natural beauty of the Earth. Another concerning issue regarding pollution is the destruction of the ozone layer and the presence of smog all over the world. The ozone layer prevents harmful rays from the sun from entering the Earth s atmosphere and causing harm to humans. This crucial layer, which is so important to the survival of humans, is being destroyed at a steady rate. Cars release their harmful emissions, which in turn wipe out the ozone layer. As I mentioned before, until there are alternative cars, which do not rely on gasoline and release harmful emissions that harm the Earth, then this problem will still be facing us. If you look at the big cities around the world, you can see the smog that is present over them. At the present time there are even smog alerts that tell you when the pollution over the city is going to be particularly bad. When there is a high smog alert, people are advised to stay indoors to avoid the harmful chemicals. The appropriate actions must be taken to help conserve the beauty of the Earth for later human civilizations.

A third issue facing the well being of humans is the potential for war and the ever- threatening presence of nuclear weapons. All of the major military forces in the world have nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction in their arsenal. In the event of a major war involving powerful countries, there is a great likelihood that nuclear weapons would be used. When the United States dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II it marked the first time that nuclear weapons had been used in warfare. The damage caused by those two bombs was enormous and can still be seen today. Having taken place nearly fifty years ago, I am sure that the technology has drastically improved since then as well as the ease in which the weapons can be used. The fact that nuclear weapons destroy so much so easily takes away from the feeling of being involved in a war and serves as an easy solution to war itself. Rather than risking the lives of its citizens, countries would rather resort to the easier solution of using nuclear weapons, which cause more damage with less effort.

Two of the problems that I have mentioned stem from one factor, the presence of humans. As the population of humans on Earth increases, it becomes more difficult for issues like pollution and consumption of natural resources to be resolved. As the population rises, more natural resources are required, and in turn, more pollution is produced. The people of the world must learn to protect the natural beauty of the Earth and understand that if the lifestyles of many humans are not changed willingly, then they may be forced to change at a later time. Each human must realize that they can help out tremendously by recycling, or carpooling to work, or anything else that cuts down on pollution and preserves the resources of the Earth. I am not sure that there is a solution to the presence of nuclear weapons. Every country is looking for a way to get ahead of others or for a way to defend themselves. As a result of this greed to be number one, there is always going to be competition among the super powers of the world to have the strongest military.


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