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Social Classes and Daily lives 1.Social Classes a. Nobles 1.The King owned everything.2.The King and the family ruled.3.The King Lead the worriers into battle.b. Commoners1.Rich men had several wives each with a family and servants.2.The head of the family was the oldest most likely the grand father orfather of the house.a. The head of the family preformed the religious duties.5.Family were the most important. 5 6 c. Worriers.1.King and priest were noble worriers.

2.Housing a. Made Of1.There houses where of mud and grass. (huts)2.Thatch-roofed with ground as floor, dug about 3 feet down.a. The ground floors kept the house warm in the winter and cool inthe summer.b. Location1.Lived in villages near their fields.2.Each district was assigned a craft. (Bronzemaker, Smiths, potters,and weavers.)3.There homes were where their shops were.4. 3.Marriages a. Family1. The Head of the family also chose the bride of his sons.2. Women in a good family led secluded lives.3. If mans first wife didn t have a child, he would take another wife.

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