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Florence D. Griffith nicknamed Dee Dee, Was born on December 21 195. She grew up in a project in Watts, a poor section in Los Angeles California. Florence had 11 brothers and sisters. She would often ask why there were so poor? Her mother would tell her that they were rich as a family

Florence was stubborn as a child. Sometimes she would go for days without speaking to anyone. She just read her books. She loved poems. Florence always wanted to stand out and be her own self. She had her own ideas about how to accomplish this. In kindergarten she wore her hair in a single braid that stuck up in the air. In high school she had a Boa Constrictor Snake for a pet. Florence was also an exceptional student. These tree things were not enough for Young Florence. She proved that she was an exceptional athlete.

At age of seven, she liked chasing jack rabbits. She won most if the little games she played with the rabbits. When she decided that she really liked running. She joined the Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation. This time she ran against children her age.S he beat them all. But in high school she did set reacords in the sprint and the long jump. But there was one girl she just couldn’t beat. Her name was Valerie Brisco.

Bobby Kersee became her coach. Later, Valerie Brisco joined them both at the University of southern Calirfoina. Bobby coached her throughout college. She was invited to the United States Olympic Trials in 1980. She came up just short of gaining a spot on the team in the 200 meter. It was her rival, Valerie Brisco, She took that spot away from her.

In 1982 she gained a little spotlight when she won the National Colligate Meter with the time of 22.39 seconds. This caused people to look at her a little closer. In college, she still liked to stand out like she did in Kindergarten. During this time, she wore six inch nails with designs on them. Her running suits had lace and crazy designs too, They called her Fluorescent Flo.

At the Olympic trials she earned a position as a member on the United States Olympic Team. At the Olympics she earned a position as a member on the United States Olympic Team. At the Olympics she won the silver medal. The gold went to Valerie Brisco. In 1987, Florence won the gold medal In the World Championships in Rome. In the 1988 Olympics she set the world record of 10.49, an incredible .27 seconds faster than the existing world record. No one had ever beat the record by more than .13 She finally her rival Valerie, She went on to win 3 gold medals and one silver. She was no longer called Dee Dee or Fluorescent Flo. She Was Flo Jo.

I think Flo Jo was the best athlete in the world. She liked to stand out and be different and I like that about her.


Flo jo and americanin star.

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