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An Inspecter Calls Essay, Research Paper

An Inspector Calls

A play I have read, where there is a character I disliked, us J.B. Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls.’ The character I disliked was Gerald Croft, the son of a wealthy manufacturer, as he lied, didn’t take responsibility and mistreated women.

The story concerns a prosperous family, the Birlings, who are celebrating the engagement of their only daughter, Sheila, to the son of another affluent manufacturer, Gerald Croft. An inspector named Goole calls, much to the surprise of the family, and informs them a girl, Eva Smith, has committed suicide by drinking strong disinfectant. He tells the family every one of them had a dealing with the girl that drove her to slowly to suicide. Mr Birling fired her, after a strike in his manufacturing plat. Sheila had her fired from a shop; Gerald and Eric both had affairs with her. Eva falls pregnant with Eric’s child and asks for help from Mr’s Birling’s charity committee, Mrs Birling denies her any charity.

The inspector confronts everyone about his or her secret and generally frightens them. After he leaves they find there is no Inspector Goole in the local police force. Some of the family seem relieved and pretend what they done to the girl is perfectly acceptable, like they were before the Inspector arrived. Eric and Sheila though try to remind them that still done some horrible things to a girl, even if no one found out they should still fell remorse. The play ends with them receiving a phone call from the real police informing them a girl has committed suicide

Gerald is a dislikeable character for several reasons, one of which is his lying and dishonesty. He continually lies and try’s to cover his track, examples of this are –

Sheila: Except for all last summer, when you never came near me…

Gerald: And I’ve already told you – I was awfully busy at the works all that time.

This is a lie as we find out later that this was when he was having an affair with Eva Smith. This statement proves that he’s tries to cover his tracks, and drag other people into it, also it shows that he thinks he can keep something from the Inspector, which the Inspector evidently already knows.

My other main reason Gerald is his mistreatment of women, he takes control, tells them what to do, and thinks he can keep things behind their back. At one point in the story quite near the start he chooses the ring for Sheila –

Sheila: You be care – or I’ll start weeping

Gerald: Well, perhaps this will help to stop it. (He produces a ring)

Sheila: Oh – Gerald – you’ve got it – is it the one you wanted me to have?

The important word there is you; he chooses the ring for Sheila even though she should have. Even though this seems like a minor thing it’s a major part of his domineering character.

Another time where he two-times his wife-to-be and the goes on to lie about it. When he has an affair with Eva Smith, he doesn’t confess or fell remotely sorry. I think this is a horrible thing to do to women.

In conclusion I consider Gerald as a dishonest, lying, womanising fool. I would not like him much was he real. All in all, he is a bad example even to the worst of the worst.

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