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Heart Of Darkness Essay, Research Paper

Good and Evil: Fight to the Finish William’s Lord of the Flies, (1954) an Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, (1902) there are affective comparisons and contrasts

between the protagonist and the antagonist. Even though the protagonist and the antagonist have the same intentions, they have different motives. In Heart of

Darkness, Marlow wants to save Kurtz, but the manager doesn’t want Marlow to bring back Kurtz, because the manager is afraid that if Marlow brings back Kurtz

than he’ll have to quit his job and give it to Kurtz. In Lord of the Flies, Jack wants to take over the leadership and Ralph, on the other hand, wants to be a leader

himself. Ralph wants to be the leader so that he could make some kind of plan to get off the island, but Jack wants to be a leader so he can be the ruler and hunt, so

that he has meat for himself. (9, 137) The protagonist wants victory over the antagonist and the antagonist wants to de-feat the protagonist. Where as the e

antagonist has an evil purpose and the protagonist had a good purpose. A similar concept between the protagonist and the antagonist is that both of them are brave

enough to dare to go against each other. They don’t hide from each other, but they both of out and confront each other. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow knew that

the manager didn’t want Kurtz back, but he was brave enough to try bringing Kurtz back. the manger knew Marlow was just like Kurtz. That he will not give up so

easy. The manager did everything in his power to stop Marlow. Even if they think their opponent is stronger, they don’t back away from the fear of facing them. In

Lord of the Flies, Piggy knows that Jack and his tribe is stronger than him, but still he goes over to the tribe and speaks his mind out about how they were wrong.

(156) when a person makes up their mind to confront their opponent, nothing can stop them. Another comparable characteristic between the protagonist and the

antagonist is that both of them seek revenge. One or the other have rage of revenge in their minds. In Lords of the Flies Jack is jealous of Ralph, because he was

chosen for leadership. Jack wanted revenge and he started his tribe and becomes the chief of the hunters. He turns himself and his group into savages. (141) In

Heart of Darkness, Kurtz was going to be the manager didn’t want to let go of his job. So when Kurtz was sick and needed medication. the old manager never sent

Kurtz anything. He was seeking revenge because he thought the officials of the trade company were going to hire Kurtz. Revenge is one of the things which one

can’t resist, but at the same time the results are often bad. In Heart of Darkness and in Lord of the Flies both of the heroes, Marlow and Ralph, have a someone or

something to rely on. This gave them strength and it is what motivated them to do the acts of bravery and both of them depend on it for their survival. Ralph has a

conch, which symbolizes his leadership. When it is crushed, everything starts to fall apart. Jack and his tribe start to take over. (164) Marlow had to save Kurtz that

was his mission and that’s what kept him going After Kurtz death Marlow left the ivory trade. After Marlow left the manager was in charge. The primary distinction

between a protagonist and the adversely is that a protagonist always tries to do the right thing and follows the path of integrity and the adversary always tries to

come in the way and create problems. Ralph and Piggy want to keep the fire going so that they can be rescue, but Jack and his followers want to cook the meat and

they don’t care if the fire is gone. (133-135) this citing shows how differently the mentality of the two rivals work. Ralph is in touch with reality, he wants to keep the

fire going, but Jack stands in the way preventing him from what he wants to accomplish. In Heart of Darkness when Marlow’s steamer breaks down and he asks the

manager to get riverts to fix the steamer. the manager keeps on making excuses. Another difference between the protagonist and the antagonist is that the

protagonist is kind and tender, whereas the antagonist is cruel and evil. Ralph take care of the littluns and tries to keep them safe. (118-119) Jack and his tribe

turned into savages and killing people. They did their dance of death to kill Simon mercilessly, who was innocent.(139)Simon’s/Beast’s death symbolizes the

fierceness of Jack’s tribe. No matter what the manager told Marlow about Kurtz being a thief , Marlow didn’t give up on Kurtz he had faith and trusted Kurtz better

than the manager. Manager didn’t care about anyone but himself. In conclusion, the antagonist is an obstacle for the protagonist and the protagonist is supposed to

overcome the obstacle. The protagonist most often pulls through one way or another. In Heart of Darkness Marlow escapes the manager, the ivory trade, and

defeats all his adversaries and in Lord of the Flies, Ralph escapes from Jack and his tribe. Both protagonist and antagonist have similar motifs. But also are different

because of many things such as being evil or good and being able to of the right thing or not.

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