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Arthrosis Essay, Research Paper

Arthrosis (from ?arthro-?, meaning ?joint,? and ?-osis?, meaning ?abnormal condition? or ?disease,?) means a degeneration of the shoulder joint. While the shoulder generally functions with strength and fluidity, the smooth movement of the joint eventually breaks down with age or heavy use. Also known as osteoarthritis of the shoulder, arthrosis worsens with time, moving from tenderness to pain and loss of range of motion.

Detailed Information


* Tenderness in shoulder joint

* Pain worsens when patient moves arm across chest, as this lessens the room between bones.

* Bump or reddening around affected area

* Clicking or popping while moving upper arm

* Generalized stiffness throughout area

Causes and Risk Factors


Arthrosis is caused by general ?wear and tear? of the shoulder joint, although certain situations raise the risk of developing the condition. Frequent overhead motion, weightlifting, a fall on the shoulder or an earlier injury involving the clavicle (collar bone), humerus (upper arm bone) or scapula may raise the risk.

Risk Factors

* Family history (of arthritis or autoimmune diseases)

* Previous injury to shoulder area

* Female gender, especially after menopause

See your doctor…


* Symptoms continue to worsen or if clicking or popping becomes louder

* Pain increases

* You have the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

* You have a fever during treatment

* Symptoms appear in joints where you didn?t have them before or other unexplained symptoms develop


* Possibly obtain splints for pain control

* Get physical therapy

* Consider whether surgery is necessary



The doctor may order X Rays, blood tests, or injections of lidocaine or other local anesthetic in order to diagnose the condition.

For advanced cases, surgery may be necessary. Surgical procedures may include Arthroplasty. The severity varies greatly and treatment is specific to each patient.


Possible medications include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (including aspirin and other salicilates); steroids; cortisone injections.


None known at this time. Protection and prevention are the mainstay of treatment.

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