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The Belgariad Essay, Research Paper

The “Belgariad” series is my world in which I use to escape the real world. That may sound a little obsessive, and probably something for a mental institution to work on, but I’m serious when I say that anytime I yearn to live in a fantasy world, I start over from book 1. of the Belgariad. The amount of times I have read this series is innumerable, and I consider each book to be a brilliant piece of work. Every minor detail, the way the magic works, the remarkable personalities of each characters, the humour and the sadness is such a great mix of emotions, and feelings that I get swept away and live in this world Eddings created, right to the very end. Once I have stared one of the books, I won’t stop until the whole series is finished. The sarcasm and dry humour used has you crying with laughter, and the omittance of medieval modesty, strictness and archaic manner makes this fantasy world a place anyone would feel comfortable in.

Pack your things and go on a voyage with the Belgariad please, or you can never say you have really lived!!!

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