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Kamouraska Essay, Research Paper

In the exert from the novel Kamouraska by Anne Hebert, the diction of words and point of view allow each paragraph to present a different tone and atmosphere to the reader. This is evident when the first two paragraphs switches from third person to first person, as well as the choice of words within the second and third paragraph which as a result provides a different tone to one another.

Within the first two paragraphs, the point of view and diction of words result in a soft and calm tone and setting. The first paragraph describes the setting, and the second paragraph describes the characters conditions and emotions. Many of the words used, such as; fair, warm, calm, gently, peaceful, and good, sets the atmosphere and general tone in a relaxing manner. Even though Madame Rolland?s, husband is dying, which is in most cases a serious and very emotional period, the words used provide less tension towards the final outcome, death. Not only does the choice of words contribute to the tone, but as well as the point of view, in the first two paragraphs it?s a third person narrative. The point of view indicates a couple of devices, pathos and repetition. ?And Madame Rolland waited, dutiful and above reproach. If she felt a pang in her heart from time to time, it was only that now and again this waiting seemed about to assume distressing proportions.? (Hebert-Kamouraska) These sentences allows the reader to sympathize with Madame Rolland, because there is nothing she can physically do, her husband with whom she was married to for 18 years is now dying and she has to prepare for the expected. The repetition of her emotions is clear throughout the second paragraph, which aid in creating the focus of this paragraph that is on the death of her husband and the clam manner Madame Rolland is handling the situation. The method the first two paragraphs are organized differs to the way the third paragraph is arranged.

The last paragraph not only switches the point of view, but also the tone and mood change. The narrative on the last paragraph is first person, and the sentence structure is straight forward and to the point. This structure enhances the tone to present more anxiety. Madame Rolland emphasizes the point that she should have left Quebec, due to the fact that she hasn?t she feels that she is being watched, which leads to a state of paranoia. Not only is the first person responsible for the tone, however, the diction of words also creates more tension in the paragraph. Words such as; stare, strange, watching, not safe, deliberate, hid and disappear. The use of these words allow one to understand, how Madame Rolland is feeling once she walks in the streets of Quebec. As well as the tone is becoming more fearful and dim. Both the point of view and choice of words, as well as the organization of the paragraph create the tone to become opposite from the second paragraph.

Therefore, the first two paragraphs and last paragraph are different from one another. Both the diction and point of view change, which provide a different atmosphere. The changes of narrative allow one to understand the pain and anxiety the character (Madame Rolland) is going through. I feel that the choice of words in each paragraph allow the tone to become more real. Even though death is not a pleasant subject, it does belong in the cycle of life and unfortunately occurs.

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