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From the dusk of dawn till the end of time, evil and good will always exist in the finding of one s self. Les Miserables foretells the compelling race between good and evil in a early eighteenth century France. Passionately and purely, Victor Hugo poured his soul into the making of Les Miserables where humanity is the key, history is the making, and all strive for human dignity. Humanity is the key to a locked door in the eyes of the human race. Though evil is known to we the people, as love to a new born child, we fight and strive for the good in us to dwell upon our souls and lives. ValJean stole for the well being of his family, and regarded as a criminal, he paid for his actions by twenty miserable years in Twinlow prison. Only to step through a priest s open gate of a loving heart, and to have his soul taken in for the love of God. Whereas, Javert hated ValJean and would not be pleased with himself until his body lay lifeless on the steps of hell. Though ValJean strived for the good in life, and Javert believed in god not what so ever, the humanity in the world of their time became filled with both people with the same beliefs as them, and shall remain so until good can prosper in all. History is the making of the key. Through history only can we learn of our mistakes, and hope to the love of god that they aren t repeated throughout time. In Les Miserables, ValJean learned from his mistakes and only then did he prosper in life and make an example to others. Javert, however, had only control and evil in the midst of his heart, and he paid his price with the icy lips of a cool river s mouth. I hope that history doesn t repeat itself in our generation, though I am afraid it is too late. For evil does still exist and everybody seems to see those icy lips in their hearts, where as they should prosper from their elder s mistakes, and good should be ever lasting.

Striving for human dignity is opening the locked door through which you may become good till the sun sets on the final day when man last lays his lips upon the lonesome grip of death. ValJean proved himself worthy by saving the lives of three men, and salvaging the life of the man who hunted his head. Javert too endured in the salvaging of one s life, yet was not worthy of the gate s of the Lord. All of man strive to have dignity towards the watching eyes above, yet some may never find the key to open the locked door because it is before their closed eyes. Open them and the wrath of evil will never come across your soul. Through the keys of humanity, the making of history, and the strive for human dignity can you ever peer upon what lies behind the locked door. Victor Hugo told a story of dignity to mankind, and how it will always be deceived and lost in webs of the human mind. History will always repeat itself no matter what I hope and wish for, so Les Miserables might as well be made of the present time because as long as the grip of evil is within hands reach, good will never control the spider who embeds the webs of time.

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