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Jerry Seinfeld Essay, Research Paper

The person I chose to do my independent reading project on Jerry Seinfeld. The

reason I did Jerry was I love his show, and I think he is one of the best

comedians today and probably ever. Early life It all started on a warm spring

day in Brooklyn, New York and I bet no one at that hospital ever thought that

little baby Jerry would once become the world’s best comedian. Jerry was born

on April 24 1954. Jerry was raised in an average home where the dad brought home

the money and mom stayed home to keep the neat and tidy (Your regular

stereotypical family). But the odd thing was both of his parents were adopted

and were raised very poorly. Jerry’s father (Kalman) had his own business of

sign panting and he did all the painting by himself. High school and college

years Jerry went to Massapequa high school. Jerry was often known there for his

quick remarks during class and was given the title of class clown in his 2nd

year at Massapequa. Between his years in Massapequa and in Queens…

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