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D.L. Cooley Stability in an Uncertain World

Dear Mr. Richardson,

Thank you for consulting with D.L. Cooley in regards to your retirement financial planning. Our number one goal at D.L. Cooley is to assure you that your investment will be a stable one that will entitle you to maintain the standard of living for yourself, and your family as you look towards retirement.

After your recent interview with D.L. Cooley our team of industry specialists began working to create a stock portfolio that will best fit your financial objectives. In accordance to our interview you plan to retire in 16 years and have $50,000 to invest now for your retirement future. Here at D.L. Cooley it is never too late to secure your future and our specialists have tailor fit this stock portfolio to enable you to do just that. Now as a member of the Baby Boomer generation there are a few things you should know about retirement in general. On the average social security will amount to 30% of your overall retirement living expenses(www.webboomers.com). The rest of you retirement money, 70%, needs to come from other forms of investment. The money you invest with D.L. Cooley will cover a large percentage of your retirement expenses along with any pensions or retirement plans you may already have. Your making a wise choice in deciding to invest now. Our commitment is that you will maintain your standard of living after your retirement.

What sets D.L. Cooley apart from the rest is that we specialize in what we do. Our brokers are trained to specialize in specific industries, allowing them to become experts in their field. This group of experts works together as a team to determine which industries will benefit you. Acting as D.L. Cooley?s Telecommunications Specialist I spend a great deal of time and effort researching and analyzing the telecommunication industry. The telecommunications industry is comprised of local and long distance phone companies, cable and satellite companies and companies that manufacture equipment used for telecommunications(www.hoovers.com/sector/). These manufactured products include satellite equipment, fiber optics, switching equipment, wireless communication technology, and microwave equipment(www.hoovers.com/sector/). The telecommunications industry has become overwhelmingly important as we head into the 21st century. These telecommunications companies commit huge entitlements to research departments which are constantly improving communication technology. This means more exciting new products all the time, and as we progress these products will become even more affordable and readily available to the public. We are now in the midst of a "Telecommunications Revolution," changing the industry at an astounding speed, driven by the convergence of technologies and the series of mergers sweeping the industry(www.business.com). As a Telecommunications Specialist, my job is not to try and find you a good company to invest in, but instead to determine which company is the best of the best.

After assessing your financial objectives I determined that the Bell Atlantic Corporation would be the best company for you to invest in. Bell Atlantic has telecommunications operation along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Virginia. Bell Atlantic specializes in local and long distance telephone service, Infospeed DSL BA Internet, Satellite TV Service, Voicemail and Bell Atlantic Mobile Wireless services(www.ba.com). Bell Atlantic Mobile has received a lot of attention because of their very recent merger with GTE and Vodafone AirTouch to create Verizon Wireless. Due to this merger Verizon Wireless has become the largest wireless communications provider in the United States with over 16 million customers(www.verizonwireless.com). The prospects of Verizon Wireless, the new major player in the wireless industry, and the already stable performance makes Bell Atlantic a great investment. Just to throw out some numbers in 1995 Bell Atlantic stock was generating $2.03 per share, after only four years they were generating $3.01 per share(www.ba.com). That?s a 50% increase from 1995 to 1999, along with Bell Atlantic?s annual dividend of $1.54. Over a four week period I have tracked Bell Atlantic stock. The 52 week high is 69 ½, the 52 week low is 47 3/8, the P.E. ratio was an average of 24.5, their is an average volume of 3.55 million and Book Value is $10.23(biz.yahoo.com). Over the four week period the stock lost 5 points, but that has been due to the recent downward swings of the NYSE and the Dow Jones, not by any weakness in the stock itself. Last year Bell Atlantic reported having double-digit earnings growth for the 5th consecutive year, and during the last quarter revenue grew 7.1%. Bell Atlantic Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg commented on the recent growth by saying, "This was a terrific quarter, in which we continued to accelerate our revenue growth, not only are our growth engines firing on all cylinders, but our traditional business is continuing to expand as well. We’re going into our combination with Vodafone AirTouch and our merger with GTE with terrific momentum."(www.ba.com). The quarter report also indicated net customer additions of 290,000 at Bell Atlantic Mobile, Doubled sales of Infospeed DSL service and Continued strong International Wireless growth, with 365,000 proportionate net customer additions(www.ba.com). Bell Atlantic is a company with a strong history of traditional business and exciting new enterprises.

I hope I have strengthened your confidence in D.L. Cooley and our ability to help make your future a reality. We offer you "Certainty in an Unstable World." That Certainty is to give you the best retirement package possible for you, and your family.


Matthew Cooley

Telecommunications Specialist

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