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The only thing a human being truly possess is his thoughts and feelings, and no person should ever

tamper with these sacred belongings. In the case of Winston Smith, the main character in George

Orwell’s classic “1984,” he losses his only possession; he losses his humanity. Winston Smith, like every

other normal man hates, lusts, thinks, and most important of all loves, until The Party, the controlling

power, breaks him down and rips his human tendencies out. That makes Winston change into a just

another mindless member of The Party’s Negative Utopia which was the exact opposite of what he was

before, and what he ever wanted to become.

Before The Party “broke” Winston he was a free spirited individual, and had the ability to dream, dream

about the places he has been, the people he knew, lands he has not discovered, or even his fears. “It’s the

Golden Country…(Winston said) a landscape I’ve seen sometimes in a dream.” (p 103) Winston discusses

fondly with his lover Julia, the only person he has ever felt true love for, the place he dreams of finding. “In

the dream he had remembered his last glimpse of his mother…” (p 133) Here Winston tells Julia of his


Another characteristic Winston had was that of Love and Lust. “That was above all what he wanted to

hear…the animal instinct, the simple undifferentiated desire.” (p 104) At last he had a chance to

experience true ecstasy, the animal instinct of sex. The Party had prevented it until that moment. “Julia!

Julia! Julia, my love! Julia!”…In that moment he had loved far more then he had ever done…” (p 230)

Winston cries out for Julia in the Ministry of Love, after he had been bruttly beaten and tortued.

An individual can recoginize and value of what true beauty really is such as waves crashing upon a shore,

the innocence of a child, or the song of a bird. “A thrush…began to pour forth a torrent of song.”…and…”it

was as though it were a kind of liquid stuff that poured all over him and got mixed up with the sunlight that

filtered through the leaves.” (p103)

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