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Love Poems Essay, Research Paper

All That You Are

by Steven Duke

Poem No. 41993

Everything that you are,

Makes me wonder how it’s true,

That I?ve found everything I have,

And I?ve found it all in you,

Cause your all I feel inside,

All the love I?ve ever known,

All the sights I?ve ever seen,

All the beauty God’s ever shown,

You have always been my goal,

The prize I?ve always sought,

The one thing I?ve always searched for,

But no book has ever taught,

You are everything that’s wild,

Pure, unique, and true,

You never fail at what you try,

You only excel in all you do,

You are the softness in the air,

After a long mid-day shower,

You are the colors of the rainbow,

You are the petals of a flower,

You are the blue in a summer sky,

And you shine like the stars above,

You are the beat within my heart,

You are the forever in my love!

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