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Дійсно, якщо систему векторів із простору Еm розглядати як матриці-стовпці з m заданими елементами, тоді рівняння (1) можна записати у вигляді однорід...полностью>>
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Von den Hauptregeln der Fьhrung und die Organisationen der Buchhaltung in den Organisationen sind von der Lage ьber die Buchhaltung und das Berichtswe...полностью>>
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О.К. – Деякі особи, що невпевнені в собі. Вони приймають їх для того, щоб подолати почуття незручності у спілкуванні з людьми. Вони вважають, що нарко...полностью>>

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Youth problems : job, drugs

When you leave school you understand that the time of your independence life and the beginning of a far more serious examination of your abilities and character has come. You also understand that from now you’ll have to do everything yourself, and to “fight” with everybody around you for better life. The first problem that young people meet is to choose their future profession, it means that they have to choose the future of their life. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. You know children have a lot of dreams about their future : to become a superman or a policeman or a doctor … It’s very easy they think, but when they become older and see real world they understand that in all professions need to know perfectly about what you do, you must be well-educated and well-informed. That’s why I think it’s very important to have a good education at school. And if you work hard everything will be OK. Another problem of young people is drugs. This is a relatively new problem but it is becoming more and more dangerous. Million young people today are using drugs, and most of them will die. Usually they want just to try it , then again and again … and after year may be two years they will die . It is true. Because there are no medicine to help you. That’s why never do it, if you do - it goes bad, very bad. I think that police must work hard to protect young people from drugs. Because drugs will kill our young generation and our future will be very bad.

Problems of unemployment of young people.

People of almost every age are susceptible to this pernitious disease but it hits the youth the hardest. It's name is unemployment. The persent-age of unemployed youth in the total number of the jobless is high. In many developing countries the situation is more serious. Many young people to commit suside. Unless the economic situation in the world changes, youth unemployment will mount. This prodictions refer to all catigories of workers-with high and low skills in town and country. For all there possible distinctious,these young people over outside the production structure of society. The are deprived the possebility of creting there are "surplus" from time to time some may get a hit of luck, but the lot of the majority is to feel their unlessles to lose their ideals and become disillusioned. Unemployment greatly intemcilicselle tendency among the youth towards, drug education , frastretion and crime. This is a time bomb and is a heavy acusation of any social economic system.

The problems of teen-ages.

There are many young people in our country. Each of them has one's own view point on their life and their future. There are many problems which are common for all young people.For Example: how to spend their free time, what to do after school, choosing a profession, how to deal with girl and boy-friends and so on.

The problem number one of most of the young people is the problem of fathers and sons. All young people want to be independent, they want their parents to listen to their opinion, not to interfere in their private life. Some parents neglect their children, because they cant find a common language with each other.

Many problems were hushed up, but now we can speak openly about them. I think that the most difficult and sirious problem of modern teen-ages is drug-habit. Some young man use drugs, because they think that will be cool guys. But they don't understand, that it's wrong. Some of them can't stop that, and they become dependent on drugs. And they commit different serious, because they need some money to buy drugs. There are also many other problems: alchoholism, smokin and so on. There are many youth organisations in our country, wich unite young men on different principles. Members of every organisation has ons own world out looks. Each of them has their own morral qualities. There are some informal organisations, for example: skinheads, hippies, panks and so on. Now there exists the problem of missundrstanding beetwen different youth groups.

We also face the problem how to spend our free time. We can do it in different ways. Some of teen-ages spend their free time in different night clubs. Other young people spend their free time in the strets.

As for me, i spend my free time at home or in the night clubs. I also have some problems with my parents. But every time then i have them i try to slove them without quorrel.

Now we are young people and we are the future of our country. Teen-aegs play an important role in the modern society. Grown up's must remember that we are the future of our country and in present moment our character is formed and that's why our parents must not assert pressure on us.

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