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Michael Aquart

Dr. Duling



My Experience

There are many different religions and cultures. As a young adult it is essental that you expose yourself to different

religions and ways of thinking. It is benefical becase it opens your mind as well as your heart to many abstract ideas.

Religion plays a part in a majority or people lives. Some people worship and revolve there life around then there are the

others who aren’t into religion that deeply and just go to church for the sake of going.

i am one of those people who just go th church for the sake of going. It may not be the best move on my part, but

as of right now in my present situtation I am not into the religions faith. I believe in God, in the bible and everything that

he preaches but my faith is very weak. My mother on the other hand is the complete opposite of me. She goes almost every

sunday no matter what the weather is like or even if she has things to do. Her top priority on sunday is get to church. We

are both baptist and attened East Tremont Baptist Church. I’ve been there a couple of times but she is the one who is more

persistant. The church i visited is St. Angela Merici its a catholic church as well as school.

At the beginging of the mass the priest walks in and everyone stands up, he says a prayer and we all proceed to sit

down. Unlike the baptist the Catholics are more calm there aren’t many people jumping up with joy preaching the good word

along with the priest. As all churches do there were alot of prayers and kneeling on the pue’s after recieving the body of

chrst. There was also a collection which was taken with 2 wooken baskets and that was done twice. Once all the money is

collected it is brung to the front of the alter and blessed by the priest. We also did that in my church, but I never noticed

until I went to another church and seen it done. The other thing i noticed was that the Catholic church had more statues

that the Baptit one did. The Baptist church is more plain the Catholics have many statues and pictures and paintings

decorated over the wall.

The differences between the two religions aren’t a big deal. They basically say the same thing in the prayers and

teachings. It’s impossible to say one is better than the other because it all depends on what aspect you are looking at it

from. The real difference i belive is too deep to figure out in one day of going to mass. it has to be a life long process

and it varys from person to person. My experience was very benifical because it showed me people of different religions

aren’t better off or worst than I am. It does not matter how we praise God as long as we all see him in the same light

and follow the good word we are all his children.

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