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Psycology Essay, Research Paper


The only way to fully understand the psycology of another is throught the talking of the pateint. In resent years only a few things have been learned about this science. There have also been many PSUEDO sciences (false sciences) and therys of how to cure many people.

There have been many techinquies to cure people from electro convusive theropie which sends a electric shock into the person causing a small secure. Medication is another part of this prosess. Many doctors are baffled over what alot of patients many have.

Shizophreneia is one of the many cases in mental institutes, there are wild speaking individualswhich have not only mentaly changed but there phisical apperence has also altered.

In closing Psycology is the study of the mind of criminals and patientes of the time and age were mental sickness is at an all time high.

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