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Acrishfm(A) Essay, Research Paper

Agatha Christie: A Holiday For Murder (Notes) Part 1, Chapter 1. A man called Stephen gets off a train and he is set ondoing something that he has planned to do for a long time. The man is from Africa because he said that he felthomesick. Was three days before Christmas. Uses words like Drab Saw a beautiful girl sitting on the train. She looked out ofplace. Part 1, Chapter 2. Pilar, the girl narrates. She was also set to do something. She saw a good looking man in the corridor. He walked into talk to her. Gave what both people are thinking while they are talkingto one another. They talked about how much they hated England. Pilar came from Spain. A war was on at the time. She told a story of when her driver was killed by a bomb:she did not seem to care! (P5) He told her about Africa and a story of when he was a kid. Part 1, Chapter 3. A bunch of people talking about their father. They talk ofhow much they hate him, and how they want to break theirchains. Lydia had a garden with a number of scenes that she hadmade the garden to look like. One of the scenes was the Dead Sea. Butler had been at the house for forty years. Part 1, Chapter 4. Two, David and Hilda, talking about the man s mother andhow she was humiliated by his father with his affairs that heboasted about. The mother was not able to devorce because of the times. blames his father for his mothers death. He had not seen his father since he started college becauseof a dispute between what he wanted to do and what hisfather wanted him to do. Part 1, Chapter 5. George Lee and his wife are talking about his father s greatwealth. A millionaire twice over, I believe. (George:P17) Made his money from mining South African Diamonds. Georges sister died a year before the time of the book. Harry is the brother who went travelling the world, andoften sent messages to wire him money. He usually gotmoney from his father even though he had a huge fight withhis father before he left because his father wanted him to dosomething with his life. Part 1, Chapter 6. The old man and Lydia talking about the two mysteriouspeople that were supposed to show up the next day. The person was Pilar, who is his grandaughter. Harry was the other person who was supposed to arrive thenext day. Part 2, Chapter 1. Everyone surprised to see Harry Lee Throughoutt Book – Reference to fathers appairs withother women. Harry surprised to find all family there George was a member of Parliament When Alfred walked in they stared at each other. Part 2, Chapter 2. Simeon talking of his regrets of cheating on his wife. Pilar believes strongly in God and praying. Talks about men being more powerful than men Pilar: If Iwere a man i would be like that, too. (P31). Impressed his Granddaughter with uncut diamonds just toprove to her that he is rich. Part 2, Chapter 3. David and Hilda in a sitting room. David talking about a memory of his mother reading booksto him in that room when he was a child. Part 2, Chapter 4. A man that the Doorman had met a long time ago came tothe door and gave him a letter for Simeon. The doorman could not remember who the man was.

Part 2, Chapter 5. The man turned out to be the son of an old partner ofSimeons The man came from South Africa. Part 3, Chapter 1. Harry and Simeon talking about the problem of Harrys presence there. The main problem was Alfred s. His brother. The old man has a surprise for the rest of the family beforelunch. Part 3, Chapter 2. The family walks into the room and the old man is talkingon the telephone to a lawyer. He is talking about making up anew will after Christmas. The old man talks about lowering the allowance of Georgein order to pay for the rising costs of maintaining the house. The old man called his dead wife a louse and then said thatshe transmitted it onto her children. The children started yelling at their father and he told themall to get out. The old man later stated that watching his whole family getmad under his joke was fun. Hilda said that she was afraid for Simeon. Part 3, Chapter 3. Tressilian, the butler, is the narrator. Two of the servants talking and when one said that thepolice had shown up at the house, the Valet dropped his cupof tea and started to perspire. He became at ease when hefound out that it was only to collect for the children sorphanage. At dinner all of the family, except for the man from SouthAfrica, was quiet. They only talked in spurts. David was nervous and knocked over his glass of wine. David played the Dead March on the piano after dinnerand the butler thought it was strange. Above him he heard china crashing and furniture fallingover. Harry and The South African, Mr. Farr, were already thereafter they ran upstairs to find that the door to the old man sroom was locked. There was a ring at the door. They broke the door down with a wooden bench. Furniture was broken, china shattered. There wasdefinitely a struggle in the room. Simeon was laying in a pool of blood, the rug beside himhad caught fire. Part 3, Chapter 4. The door bell rang again. They opened up the door to findthe police chief at the door. The chief took charge and made everyone leave the roomand made them not touch anything. Pilar picked something up and was reluctant to give it back. Sheplayed Dumb . It was a piece of rubber and wood. The Superintendent put theminto a bag and placed the bag into his pocket. Part 3, Chapter 5. This chapter starts off with Colonel Johnson and Hercule Poirottalking about different poisoning murders and how they used to be un-English . The Colonel said that there was less likely to be murders duringthe Christmas season than any other time of the year. The men were talking about Christmas and then the phone rangand it was a case of murder. (Ironic) The Colonel thought that the old man was not very liked in thecommunity. But the case will still cause a big stirr. The colonel asked Poirot if he would like to come along on thecase. Poirot said that he would only assist the Superintendent and nottake over the case. Part 3, Chapter 6. The men were at the house and started to look for clues. Poirot was famous in the area for solving a case of nicotinepoisoning a few years before. Mr. Lee s throat was slit, jugular vein severed. Mr. Lee had phoned the Superintendent earlier in the afternoonand told him to go to Mr. Lee s house. The old man told the Super.that the house had been robbed of many uncut diamonds. The oldman thought that the diamonds may be a practicle joke played bysomeone in the house. The old man told the Super to return in ahour and that the old man would have the case solved. The Superreturned in an hour and the old man was dead. Part 3, Chapter 7. Part 1, Chapter 7. Part 1, Chapter 7.


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