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Process Of Processing Essay, Research Paper

The Process of Processing

How do you process film? Well you’re about to find out. The three main steps in processing film are rolling, developing, and fixing. Not many people know exactly how black and white thirty five millimeter film is processed. So if you don’t, read this.

First you start by rolling the film. You do this by turning out all the lights so it is completely dark in the room. Then you carefully smash the end of the film canister to release the actual film. Taking a spool from the counter, you gently thread the base of the spool with the end of your roll of film. Squeezing the film to give it a convex shape, you rotate the spool till all the film is on metal. That’s the end of the first step.

Second, you go get a liquid canister and place your roll in it closing the lid tightly. This must all be done without turning on the lights. If any light is released by anything in the room your film will be blurred. The main part of the next step is the first actual step of processing. Without removing the top of the can, fill the can with D-76, your processing chemical. The timer will be set for the correct length of time depending on the temperature of the room. Agitate for the first thirty seconds and then five seconds for every thirty seconds until the set time is up. Pour the D-76 into the sink. Do not pour it back into the original container.

Third, grab the fixer your second and final processing chemical. Fill the canister with it and repeat the agitation method in step number two for four minutes. Fixer is a chemical which coats film to give it a resistance to light. Without this there would be no point in steps one and two. After each agitation slam the canister on the counter to remove all bubbles from the film. Bubbles will cause your film to be splotchy. This would be bad. After your four minutes, pour fixer back into the container it came from. Take the film out and your done processing.

Knowledge is what sets people apart in this world. It’s not large amounts of extremely hard things to grasp that sets us apart either. It’s little simple things such as this that people just aren’t given the opportunity to learn in the everyday world of business. Processing film can be anywhere from a hobby to a full scale profession. It’s all in what you know. Just remember your rolling developing, and fixing.

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