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differnt.One way is the groups that they are divied into.Another way there are the same is both of the main charters fall in love.The third way they are the same is the fighting.The three was they are differnt are maria didnt die Juilet did, borth place,and the setting.

The first way there are the same is they both had groups that they where in.The two groups that they were fighting in,remo and Juilet where the montagooes and the caplets.In westside story the two groups that where fighting were the sharks and the jets.The mantagooes and the caplets where fighting because the famlies didnt like each other.The sharks and the jets where fighting because the jets wanted the sharks off there turf.

The second way there are the same both of the main harters fall in love.In Remo and Juilet are the main charters and they fall in love.In westside story the two main charters are Tony and Maria.Remo and Juilet want to be together but ther families are fighting.Tony and Maria want to be together but the sharks and the jets are fighting.Maria is antanos brother and he is with the sharks Tony is with the jets.

The third way they are the same is all the fighting that is goning on.The sharks and the jets are fighting.Also the mantooges and the caplets are fighting.The jets want the sharks off there turf because they are puricans and they dont like puricans.The mantoogues and hte caplets are fighting because the two families dont like each other.

The first wat they are differnt is the borth place Remo and Juilet and the sharks and the jets.Remo and Juilet took place in Italy.The sharks where born in puardo rico.The jets where in new york.Remo and Juilet and the sharks and the jets where all born in differnt places.

The second way ther are differnt is the setting where Remo and Juilet and westside story took place.Remo and Juilet took place in Italy.Westside stroy took place in New York.REMo and Juilet mainly took place in the garden by juilets window.Westside story mainly took place at some tennis courts.

Third way they are differnt is that Juilet died maria didnt die.Juilet died because she saw that remo drank some poisn and killed himself so juilet didnt want to be alone so sh drank the poisn and killed herself.Maria wasnt as dumb as juilet when tony got shoot she didnt kill herself she cryed alot.The reason she didnt die was that the buillet missed herv and got tony.Thats how juilet died and maria didnt.

In conclusion there are three contrasts that i picked I thought was mainly about the two storys.Maria didnt die,the borth place,and the setting.Also this is why I picked these three comparsions that I thought was manily about the two storys,the groups that they where in,the two main charterfall in love,and all the fighting.This is how they are the same and this ids how they are differnt.

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