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Macbeth Essay, Research Paper

Who s to blame?The truth behind King Duncan s death. If a murder is committed then all eyes are turned to the murderer, but howdo we know that only they are responsible . Maybe more than what we see hasdriven this person the commit the murder. What pushes a man so far as to killthe king that he suppose to be loyal to? Maybe his own ambition, or could it bethe influence of others. This is the case in the play Macbeth, written by WilliamShakespeare. Macbeth is Shakespeare s bloodist play, it tells the story of aman who is pushed to commit not only one murder but two by his own wife,three weird sisters and his own desire to take over the thrown. A strong influence in Macbeth s decision to kill King Duncan, was his wife,Lady Macbeth. In the beginning of the play, before the murder, Lady Macbethtalks about even possibly killing King Duncan herself. That idea is put to sleepafter she realizes that Duncan resembles her own father. Lady Macbeth feelsthat a little water will clear us of this deed. (IIii 68) She feels no remorse for thethings that her husband has done. Even when he comes to her saying that hefeels that what he has done is wrong. When he comes to her with this she tellshim These deeds must not be thought/after ways. So, it will make us mad. (IIii33-34) I believe that without the persuasion of his wife, Macbeth would not havekilled King Duncan. Macbeth was also driven to commit murder by the predictions of the threewitches. In the start of the play Macbeth meets the witches. They begin to tellhim about what they see in his future. They tell him that they see him becomingking. All hail Macbeth, that shall be king hereafter. (Iiii 50) The first time hevisits them he is not alone. Banquo, a general in the kings army, is with him. If

Macbeth does not become king then the crown will be passed on to Banquo sson, according to the witches. thou shalt get kings, though thou be none. soall hail Macbeth and Banquo. (Iiii 68-69) The witches know what is going tohappen but they lead him to believe that if he becomes king then he will behappy. Blame cannot be placed on everyone else for a persons problem. Macbeth was also pushed by his own ambition. After he hears the witchespredictions he is doubtful of what they have seen for his future. They told himthat he would become Thane of Cawder, and then he does. He begins towonder of maybe they were right. He starts to think of what life would be like ifhe were king. Macbeth is an honorable man, while contemplating whether ornot to kill Duncan he says I have no spur/to prick the sides of my intent, butonly vaulting ambition which o rlaps itself/and falls on others. (Iii 25-28) Afterthe murder of Duncan he is nervous. Me thought I heard a voice cry Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep, sleep that knits up the raveled sleeve of care.He does not think that he will ever sleep again. As time goes on he begins to begreedy. He wants to stay king and he is willing to do anything to keep thethrown. That is where the second murder comes in. Macbeth hires someone tokill Banquo, his best friend, in fear of his crown being taken. He also wants themurderers to kill Fleance, Banquo s son, so that he will not become king. All of this just to keep in power. Macbeth thought that he would be happyonce he took control but he wasn t. Although I believe that the witches, LadyMacbeth and Macbeth himself are responsible for the murder of King Duncan. In my eyes Macbeth himself was mainly responsible. He got caught up inthings and eventually all he could see was himself rising to the top.

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