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Night Essay, Research Paper

Chap. 1 Which point of view is this story being told by? First person

Chap. 2 Describe the conditions of the trains: The trains were crowded with no room to move around. One lady became ill and began to scream Fire. The people on the train tied her up and put a gag in her mouth.

Chap. 3 List the internal conflicts:

+ To survive the Death Camp

+ To know why God has Forsaken them

Chap. 4 Spot the Flash Forward: Many years later, in Paris, I was reading my paper in the Metro. Facing me was a very beautiful woman with black hair and dreamy eyes. I had seen those eyes before somewhere. It was she. You don t recognize me? I don t know you. In 1944 you were in Germany, at Buna, weren t you? Yes . You used to work in the electrical warehouse . Yes, she said , somewhat disturbed. And then, after a moment s silence: Wait a minute . . . I do remember Idek, the Kapo the little Jewish boy .your kind words we left the Metro together to sit down on the trace of the caf . We spent the whole evening reminiscing. Before I parted from her, I asked her: May I ask you a question? I know what it will be go on. What? Am I Jewish ? Yes, I am Jewish. From a religious family. During the occupation I obtained forged papers and passed myself off as an Aryan. That s how I was enlisted in the forced labor groups, and when I was deported Germany, I escaped the concentration camp. At the warehouse, no one knew I could speak German. That would have aroused suspicions. Saying those few words to you was risky: but I know you wouldn t give me away.

Chap. 5 What is the theme of Chapter 5? The theme is to stay strong and pass inspections. For Elie to stay with his father all the time.

Chap. 6 What did Elie ask the God for? He prayed that he would not abandon his father like Rabbi Eliahou s did.

Chap. 7 How have conditions worsened? They again had to travel in a cattle wagon aboard a train. They were crowded with 100 people to a car. Many died and fights over food broke out. Elie father was losing strength. It snowed nonstop the last day. Those who could stand were able to get off the train, those who couldn t were left for dead.

Chap. 8 List internal conflicts:

+ Elie did not want to abandon his father

+ He knew he needed to only worry about himself if he wanted to survive.

+ He wanted to keep his father alive

Chap. 9 Was the ending a good ending for this story?

Yes, I feel the ending of the story was good. Elie had survived the torture of the Germans and the Americans had come to save him. Although it was sad that his father died right before they were rescued.

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