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Raisin In The Sun – Benethas Diary Essay, Research Paper

Beneatha’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I have decided that my true calling is to be in my country. Joseph Asagai has asked me to journey with him to Africa, back to his homeland. After much consideration, I have decided to go. I am so excited about going to Africa. I want to learn and see the customs of my people. With my education finished, I am ready to leave with Asagai.

Dear Diary,

Asagai and I have only been here in Nigeria only a short time. In the past few days much rejoicing and celebration has taken place with the return of Asagai. We have decided to wed here in Africa, under a customary wedding. Our new lives together are full of promise and hope here. We are regarded highly for our knowledge and respected for our jobs. Unlike in the United States, they respect me as a doctor, not disrespect me for my sex. I enjoy the feeling of respect. I have the respect from the people, and Asagai.

Dear Diary,

Today was my first medical ordeal. While building a new house, a young man’s leg was broken when a piece of timber fell. The leg had a horrible compound break and required intense care. I felt nervous, with this being my first test of knowledge. After serious care, the man’s leg was set and should be heeled in no time. The only worry I have is keeping the wound clean. With routine visits and followed instructions, he should be fine. Asagai says that we are really helping the people here. Before we came, there was no one to cure the sick, deliver babies, or heal the injuries. Life is better here than it ever was in the United States.

Dear Diary,

My frustrations are starting to kick in. Without running water, we must bring it to the house by hand and wash our clothes in buckets. Some things are really trying my patience. My live in America had conveniences but I’m much happier here. I could never go back there. Even with all the small frustrations of Nigeria, it’s still far better than home.

Dear Diary,

Today was the most miraculous day yet! A baby boy was born to a newly wed couple. Being the female doctor, I went in and delivered him. It was amazing! Life was given… and I helped with it! My new profession and my new life are more than I ever expected them to be. Everyday is full of rewards. I love being a woman now. In Nigeria, I am appreciated for helping life into this world, not shunned for being a female. I feel that the rest of my life will be full of rewards. I have already felt the reward of gratitude.

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