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Night Elie Wiesel Essay, Research Paper


In the book Night by Elie Wiesel, it talks about the holocaust and what it was like being in it. The Germans were trying to make the German race the supreme race. To do this they were going to kill off everyone that wasn t a German. If you were Jewish or something other than German, you would have been sent to a concentration camp and segregated by men and women. If you weren t strong enough you were sent to the crematory to be cremated. If you were strong enough you were sent to work at a labor camp. With all the warnings the Jewish people had numerous chances to run from the Germans, but most ignored the warnings.

The numerous chances the people of Sighet had to leave was significant that if they would have just left, none of this would have happened to them. One of the first warnings they had was when Moshe the Beadle came back from escaping the train. He was telling his story to everyone that would listen. The story was about how they made “the Jews get of the train and climb into lorries.” (page 4) He also talked about how they murdered people for no reason at all. But most of the people in Sighet just ignored Moshe and thought he was making everything up.

The second warning was that the people of Sighet ignored was on the radio. The first radio announcement said “the Fascist party had come into power. Horthy had been forced to ask one of the leaders of the Nyilae party to form a new government.” (Page 6) The next day there was another radio announcement that said “German troops had entered Hungarian territory.” (Page 7) this made everyone a little bit scared for a few days but not for long. Optimism was soon revived. The people were saying that the Germans wouldn t get to there city.

When the Germans arrived in Sighet the people didn t realize what was going to happen, they just thought that they were in Sighet for something else. They thought of the Germans as nice people that wouldn t hurt them. Later after the Germans had been there for a while, the Germans sent all the Jews to ghettos. The ghettos were surrounded by barbed wire but the people did not fear anything.

As you can see these warnings were pretty big. It is a wonder as to why no one believed any of this was going to happen to them. Through all of this the Jews were sent to concentration camps, many were killed, few survived.

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