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So much information about adverse effects of alcohol is known. Yet, a large number of people condone what is known to them. Overlooking the negative effects of alcohol can turn the alcohol into a deadly weapon. Alcohol can cause deaths, diseases, and family problems.

Alcohol can end your life in a matter of a second. According to, ?? Alcoholism: New Insights on Old Problem,?? more than 100,000 Americans die from alcohol related causes (1). In fact, alcohol related deaths are five times greater than the number killed by all illicit drugs combined. When a person imbibe an alcohol, he or she becomes disoriented. When people drive under this condition, they expose themselves to a great danger. In addition, women become more easily intoxicated from alcohol than men more (2). In result, women get themselves killed from an alcohol than males.

Alcohol can also cause many diseases. When you drink too much of an alcohol, you get hallucinations and memory losses. Alcohol specifically affects the control centers of the brain (Valiant 337). If people do not get help for alcoholism, the condition could be debilitated. It could eventually lead to Korsakoff??s syndrome of which symptoms would be mental confusion, hallucinations, and paralysis of hands and feet (Blum 337). This disease can get worse than they already have.

Finally, alcohol can lead to poor family relationship. ??Alcohol and Family?? states that American research found that 49% of child abusers were drinking of the time of the offense and 34% were heavy drinkers (1). Alcoholics tend to abuse children just to make themselves feel better. In 1997, Institute of Alcohol Studies estimated that there are likely to be one million children in Britain living with a parent whose drinking has reached harmful levels (2). These innocent children get beaten everyday without knowing what is going on.

There are many other things that have not been mentioned. There are more diseases caused by the alcohol which we still do not know today. The death rate on an alcohol is climbing every day. If a person is a heavy drinker, he or she needs to get help immediately before they kill themselves and the others. There is a drug called Naltrexone that can block the craving for alcohol (Alcoholism: New Insights on Old Problem 2). It is not the best solution to stop the drinking, but it is considered as one of the most effective ways to stop a person from drinking. So many lives, diseases, and poor family relationships can be prevented by not drinking alcohol.

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