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Thomas More Essay, Research Paper

Thomas More was a humanist with a true love for learning. Known as a leader, he

recognized that leadership is a gift from God for the common good of mankind and

the duty of that gift was a life of service to all. A devoted family man, he was

also a brilliant intellectual, patron of the arts, statesman, scholar,

philosopher, and author whose writings have enriched our culture and literature.

Educated at Oxford, he practiced law and entered the service of King Henry VIII

as royal counselor, ambassador, and Lord Chancellor. He was a man of conscience

with a strong faith in God and an intense concern for the problems of his day.

He was executed because he refused to compromise his deeply held principles and

values. As a person of wide and varied interests who exhibited high standards of

honor, Thomas More is an inspiration to students who seek to develop through

their education the knowledge and values upon which they will base their lives,

their careers, and service to others.

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