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Scarlet Lettter Essay, Research Paper

In The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the act of sin that was committed by Hester and Dimmesdale changed not only their lives, but Chilingsworth s life as well. Chilingsworth s need for revenge consumed him, and changed his personality completely. The need for revenge will not only destroy the person who someone wants revenge on, but also the seeker.

Chilingsworth anger and need for revenge controlled everything about him. In the novel Hawthorne mentioned that, Chilingsworth had been calm in temperament, kindly, and a upright man . That is true until he allows his anger to take over him. He went from an intelligent and upright man to a person who was controlled by his anger, and used his intelligence to torture his victim.

Torturing Dimmesdale gave pleasure to Chilingsworth. When Dimmesdale finally died, the only pleasure that Chilingsworth had left, died also. Hawthorne said that, Once Dimmesdale died all of Chilingsworth s strength left him . Chilingsworth strength died when the driving force in his life had died, Dimmesdale.

Chilingsworth had so much anger and evilness built up inside, that it eventually killed him. Dimmesdale s death left Chilingsworth empty inside because all of his energy was directed toward Dimmesdale, and so when he died, Chilingsworth had nothing left to live for. Hawthorne proved this when he said, Chilingsworth had no more of the Devil s work to do, so he died .

If someone allows anger and revenge to take over them, it will destroy them. Chilingsworth killed himself with his obsession for revenge. Revenge doesn t just hurt the victim, but also the seeker.

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