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My Friend’s Bedroom Essay, Research Paper

My friend s bedroom, on the second floor, is cozy and special. The shape of her bedroom is semicircular. As you walk into the room, the soft green walls and clean deep blue ceiling make the room seem light thus even cozier than it is. Moreover, you can see lots of stars scattered on the deep blue ceiling and walls. This room seems special, because it is as though you were looking at a real starlike scene. Two semicircular windows on the opposite wall are large by light blue drapes. Her bed is in the middle of the room. It is shaped like a boat, which occupies one-third of the room. When you lie on the bed and look around, you feel the spaciousness of the bedroom. In front of the windows, there is a large telescope. In addition, a black piano is beside the telescope. Do you know what special feeling one has when playing the piano in this room? It seems to enjoy playing in the great universe. Against the wall on her left, behind the head of the bed, is a delicate bookcase that is aligned with papers, books and knickknacks. Beside the bed, there is a small white wooden desk. It has a white wooden chair that seems to be a small guy in the room. Under the desk is a woven wastepaper basket, which is empty. The wall above the bookcase and desk is hung with two big beautiful posters. On the right-hand side of the room is a delicate closet with clothes, hats tennis racquets, and boxes lying in applepie order. Look! There is a special sofa at the corner of the room. Why is it special? It is special because it looks like a lifeboat which is cute. Every time I walk out of her room, I think, Now I know what it is like to live on a cozy and special yacht.

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