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I have decided to do my paper on the repression of sexual abuse in adults. In my research though I came across a lot of things that I didn?t agree on.

First off, the whole idea of adults not repressing sexual abuse is ridiculous. I came across this not on the Internet or in books but in my home. Last week I was in a jam trying to find information on my topic when my mother came into the computer room. She was trying to vacuum and I was trying to look up information. After about 5 minutes of her aggravating me I blew up, I started screaming and yelling about her making noise and me trying to do work. Finally, after 10 minutes of frustration let out she asked me what my topic was on. I then started filling her in on my topic and how frustrated I was that there wasn?t really any information I thought I could use in my paper. My mother started to get this uneasy look on her face and then she asked me if I wanted help from her. Being the little smart-ass that I am I came back at her with a like you can help me how comment. Hurt my mother retreated into her bedroom with the vacuum long forgotten.

With my independence in the back of my throat, I went into the bedroom were my mother was watching television and I asked for help. After a few minutes of her being a mother speech and all that she began her story, a story that changed my view completely about my mother.

About 10 years ago my mother started having strange flashbacks to when she was a child that gave her odd feelings in the back of her head. Most of them were about her in pain and someone trying to hurt her. Now first I have to tell you that my mother was a physically abused child by her father and that she

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