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Homers Odyssey And It’s Relation To Todays Society Essay, Research Paper

The Odyssey is extremely relevant today because stuff like this is still happening, not with swords and magic, of course, but with guns and politics.

Odysseus goes through many battles and tests at sea. He isn’t even looking for trouble when he stumbles upon the Cyclops who traps him in, and has to be dealt with by force. The Circe is very tempting and decieving, but they have to disregard her and keep going. And if they were to come to close to the Charybdis it would’ve sucked them in.

Todays world reflects all of the things I’ve just listed. The Cyclops is like peer pressure which makes you feel trapped (It is a struggle that seems impossible, but can be overcome). Circe is like money, power, and respect, very tempting, but can lead to trouble, and are probably better left alone. And , the Charybdis makes me think of all the things in the world that you can get caught up in. Actually, it is like the world, if you aren’t careful it will suck you in.

In closing, I think that “the Odyssey” is somewhat like a prediction that Homer made about how the world would turn out, and ways that normal human beings can be “heroes” and overcome it. Someday, even after many battles, if the brain is used we will all end up “home”.

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