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The Cause Of Being Unhappy Essay, Research Paper

People sometimes become unhappy. Although I spend pleasant time with my host family and friends, I also have something that makes angry, disappoint, and sad. There are three major causes which make people unhappy; the violation of their privacy, failure, and sickness.

First of all, people become unhappy when their privacy is violated. It is very important for people to have their own privacy, so when it is intruded by others, they feel very uncomfortable and irritated. I have an experience that I was very angry and unhappy because of the violation of my privacy by one of my friends. One day, she visited me when I was out. There was a misunderstanding between her and me. I thought the promise was canceled, but she thought it still stood. She told my hot mother that she wanted wait for me in my room, and she entered my room and played my CD player while I had gone. I got very angry and uncomfortable, because she intruded my private space without asking me. People become very unhappy by the violation of their privacy.

Secondly, when people fail to do something, they feel unhappy. Although it is meaningful for them, people are disappointed at their own helplessness and inability when they have a failure. For example, the other day, I tried to change my phone service because my bill was expensive. I called my telephone company and explain what I wanted to do. However, the staff of the company said, ?gI don?ft understand what you are talking about.?h After all, I could not make a change of my service, because I could not speak English very well. I was very disappointed at my poor English. When people fail to do something, they are discouraged at themselves.

Finally, people feel unhappy because of disease. When people are sick, they always become unhappy. A week ago, I caught a bad cold. Suddenly, I had fever at night, and I took a chill and had a headache and a stomachache. I missed my parents and friends in Japan, although I did not suffer from homesick at all, because I was afraid of unfamiliar medicines and felt as if nobody cared about me. When people suffer from disease, they felt anxious and lonely.

People become unhappy because of the violation of their privacy, failure, and sickness. Although I hope I am always happy, it is a kind of interesting to get over unhappy things.

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