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A Stranger in the Valley of the Kings

by: Ahmed Osman

The book “Stranger in the Valley of the Kings” was an account of the pharaohs of Egypt in the Hyksos’ rain over Egypt.

The author, Ahmed Osman, told the stories of the Egyptian pharaoh Yuya and the biblical character Joseph, son of Jacob. Through out the stories he pointed out strong similarities between the two stories and stated reasons to believe that they were the same person.

Joseph was a slave that move up the social classes all the way up to being a pharaoh and Yuya was supposedly the first person to move up the social class and become a pharaoh of Egypt. That was one of the most important reasons why it is believed that Joseph was Yuya.

Yuya was considered a dreamer and he had faith that what he dreamed was true. In the bible Joseph was an interpreter of dreams and that is what lead him to be a pharaoh of Egypt.

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