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A Visit To The Norton Museum Essay, Research Paper

A Visit to the Norton Museum

I saw a lot of amazing arts when I went to Norton Museum. The one that I was interested in was Nude on a Sofa. It had a different felling form the other arts. The art had a comfortable feeling when I look at it.

The art (Nude on a Sofa) was painted by Henri Matisse, in French, 1869-1954. The art give me a relaxing feeling. She was leaning on the Sofa in the portrait. The special detail about the art was that Henri outline her pink body. Also at the Norton Museum there was a panting by Vincent van Gogh of his mother. It was mad in 1988. The portrait of his mother came form a black photograph. Vincent had a picture of his mother already but he didn?t like it because it was in black and white. That?s why he painted portrait of his mother. Vincent wanted to paint in color so he see as lasting memories. The memories that he could remember forever.

Here is another great artist, Pablo Picasso. He painted Bust of Woman. The painted was made in Spain, on 1881-1973. Pablo Picasso painted with oil and black chalk on canvas. The body is gentle light. The background was mid black. She looks sensitive and shy. In a way she like she was in love. She looks young and beautiful. Finally, Paul Cezanne a French artist painted the art Vase of flowers 1838. Paul Cezanne painted with oil on canvas. The art was an Impressionist. The art is not that clear. But I could see the beauty of it. Paul Cezanne portrait is usually consist of fruits and vase with flowers. In the way he painted is about natural motions.

In conclusion, I think Paul Cezanne had the simple art of all. But the art was attractive. Some of the art are bright, but they look amaze. The other arts are cool. I also liked the piece of art from Henri Matisse. It gave me a feeling of relaxation when I look

at it. Even though The Norton Museum was small. It had a lot of good arts. I had a great time at the museum.

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