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Whilst Macbeth is entertaining his guests, unseen the ghost of Banquo slips in and sits in Macbeth’s place. When the guests asks Macbeth to sit down, he takes one look at his place and sees Banquo sitting there.He says, “Which of you have done this?”. And they answer him,”What my good Lord?” He asks his guests where there is a spare place and they point to where Banquo’s ghost is sitting. Macbeth is now confused because he knows he is the only one who can see Banquo and therefore he cannot tell whether or not the imagery is real or whether it is an imagination from his overtaxed brain. He carries on staring at the ghost and then Banquo’s ghost starts moving towards him. Macbeth screams and his guests get up convinced that his majesty is ill. lady Macbeth reassures them and tells then his majesty often gets these fits. She reprimands Macbeth and tells him that “This is the very painting of your fear” Again, Macbeth opens his eyes and the ghost is getting nearer, he can’t take it any longer and screams. Lady Macbeth asks he guests to leave.The ghost vanishes and Macbeth feels that his fear has left him. The guests get up and leave and they all wish him better health.Lady Macbeth has a long talk together with Macbeth who was convinced right from the beginning when he first killed Duncan that he would never sleep again for fear of what he did. They go to sleep.

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