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The Democratic Party Essay, Research Paper

Election2000 is over with, but did the best man really win? I thought the results of this year’s election to seem rather “fishy.” Mr. Bush almost faced a defeat before Florida (governed by Mr. Bush’s brother) ‘accidentally’ mixed up the votes and demanded several extra hand counts. Because of this, I fear the United States will never see a democratic president again. As a supporter of the Democratic Party, I will attempt to cover democratic views on International Issues, Domestic Issues, Economic Issues, and Social Issues.

The Democratic Party wants to work hard in order to close gaps between the richest and poorest nations. Forward Engagement must guide proactive foreign policy. Gore also stated that he would equip the military for new threats and missions as well as encourage military careers with better pay & benefits. By preparing military with advanced technology, they would develop the limited missile defense system that we need. Gore stated that commitment to Israel is unshakable and that he would engage china while protesting Tibet. With free trade with safeguards, countries would definitely benefit from democratic power. By reforming the INS, the Democrat Party would greatly reduce immigrant backlog.

It seems that Domestic Issues are what everyone really cares about in this country. Al Gore wanted to strengthen gun control to reduce violence. Crime would be fought with prevention, community police and tougher punishments including the death penalty would take place. Death penalty case would be reviewed intensely with DNA testing and post-conviction reviews to be certain that a person is guilty before giving them death. Democrats also wanted to protect workers’ right to organize and strengthen safety net for family farmers. “The rights of low income workers must be protected”, Gore said. By putting drug users in prison, they would have to get clean in order to get out. Meanwhile, they would dry up drug demands and issue more enforcement plus more treatment. Drugs would be fought along with the economic hopelessness that fuels it. Many also wonder about democratic views on civil rights. Gore believed that “Police should have zero tolerance of racial profiling” and promised to pass hate crime legislation. Democrats lead the fight for ERA and equal employment. Perhaps the main reason I would rather have had Mr. Al Gore as the president of the United States is because of his involvement to save this country’s environment. He wanted to invest in technology and transportation that is friendly to earth, as well as encourage open space and rail travel. Republicans could care less about the environment as long as they’re making money from it. We don’t have to choose between economy and environment!

The Democratic Party has already proved that they can keep the budget and economy straight. Over the previous years, Mr. Clinton has reversed economic stagnation and should’ve continued to lead Americans to prosperity! The GOP creates debt, dems create surpluses. IF democrats were still in office, our national debt would be eliminated by the year 2012. Gore also supported the McCain-Feingold bill for campaign finance reform and wanted to cut taxes for the working family, not just the richest percentage. They also planned to strive and Strengthen Social Security for Baby Boomers. When in comes to technology, the democrats wanted Internet access in every home. Republicans only see the Internet as a resource for more money. A big priority of the democrats is to grow a new economy.

Education, however, is the top priority in Democrat presidency. They planned to reduce class sizes, modernize facilities, and hire new teachers. Talks of new tax programs to enable more life-long learning were also a part of the strong democratic policy. They believed that students should be able to choose their own schools stating that “U.S. needs public school accountability, not vouchers.” Mr. Gore believed that Every American should have affordable health insurance and planned to add prescription drug benefits to Medicare. The Democratic Party clearly supports abortion stating that “choice is a fundamental, constitutional right. Approximately 50% of marriages today last. By enforcing marriage leave laws, a democratic presidency planned to change this and improve child-care and fully fund Head Start. Although republicans are more about moral values and principles, democrats planned to appoint judges committed to their Constitutional rights.

I will admit that half of this means absolutely nothing to me , but with Republicans in office I feel as if I have less choices. The GOP is more the ‘old fashion’ type, and democrats are more for the ‘right thing.’ Democrats care about money but more about changes for the good. Mr. Gore is deeply involved in environment issues and this is what we need to save our planet. With republicans in office, our countries moral values may be emphasized but we don t need any more wars (Republicans are known well for bringing trouble.) This election proved that sometimes we the people have no say in what happens. My philosophy is that everything happens for a reason, though. So maybe the Republicans really need to be in office at this time. In 4 years I will vote democratic, however. Please consider the same.


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