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Night Essay, Research Paper

The Night

Night by Elie Wiesel is a story of one of the few Holocausts survives. He and the many others are being persecuted for their religious beliefs. In the Jewish community of Sighet everyone was in disbelief for what was in store for them. Then the acts of cruelty to each other in time of need, to hoping to survive one day to the next.

The first sign of disbelief was when Moche the Beadle came back from being deported for being a Foreign Jew. He managed to escape death by being mistaken for dead. Several months past before Moche made it back. When he came back no one believed any of the horror stories. What an imagination! they said, or He s just trying on make us feel pity on him! He went on telling his stories of what was in store. No one believed a thing he said.

Then the next sign of disbelief is when the Germans came into their town and put all of them in a Ghetto.

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